The Burning Undying Hope…

Is it wrong to be idealistic? Is it so wrong to believe in those noble qualities in life despite the fact that you know and live in a world where nobility, honour, hope and all the qualities of chivalry within a person is pretty much as dead as a doornob. Because if it isn’t wrong…

Then where are the people who still believe in hope?

Why are survivors who practice these qualities so disliked for it.

It’s ironic that the very people I surround myself with are people who in general lost their sense of hope. People who live in the same reality beyond the picket fence. It’s true that some people still believe in that picket fence but in general…that happiness, that purity hope for a life to live…it feels that I’m the only one beyond that fence that still believes in it.

It’s sad to see friends who don’t believe in love, friends who don’t know what is love and friends who don’t even believe in friendship. For some reason…I’m still there in between all that sea of melancholy and false illusions of life. Wading in the sadness and bitterness that has otherwise consumed the people I know into just trying to get through a day just…surviving.

Where did that torch we held as a child go?

How did we lose our innocence to reality?

Some part of me hurts everyday to see the people I know live their lives encased in a world where they live a false belief of security. It hurts everyday to see people I care for try so hard to pretend that everything is ok, that they are meant to be that way when the answer to all their problems is so closeby…and all they have to do is reach out with their hands.

It hurts so much because you know there is hope on the other side.

Maybe I will always believe in hope and maybe I will never stop working towards the things I believe in no matter how many people around me hate me for it, or call me crazy for it…because some part of me still believes that there is still a good and evil in all this. That in the end, light triumphants over darkness. It has to anyway…

Otherwise what’s heaven for?

But yet all you can do is live day after day trying to slowly nudge all you can into believing that there is hope if they hold through hard enough. All you can do is stand back to back with those who choose to fight to keep them from letting go of that tiny spark of hope in the darkness beyond the picket fence. It doesn’t matter about the other people who hate me for standing up amidst the bitterness.

It shouldn’t matter.

What matters is the people who stand higher because they believe in something to live for other than this dead reality without life. What matters is I don’t fail people by leaving them even though they left me. What matters is I still hold true to what I always knew was right despite the overwhelming force to turn me away from it.

What matters is I wear my armour with pride.

And keep fighting because there is still a lot of work left to do.

A lot of hearts left to save.

A lot of lives left to live.

4 thoughts on “The Burning Undying Hope…

  1. I dont know what love is anymore.
    Love is like that aching pain in my heart
    the keeps stabbing me.
    Unsure if I should or will love again.

    I understand where you’re coming from. I believe that I have lost my belief in love. I hope to find it again someday.

    HOPE is always what I want.

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