The Christmas Gift That Came Late

Yes I know Christmas is over, but of course it has been only a few days since I have arrived back here in Wagga and of course there is one more present whom I haven’t recieved from a special someone in my life. Of course, being a poster child for amusing herself throught the discomfort of others, Mel has been constantly hounding me over the summer on my very practical gift.

You couldn’t really expect me not to be curious now could we? So when Mel handed me this really elegantly wrapped present and we’re not talking simply folded and taped, we’re actually talking about multiple folds and creases you wouldn’t dream off. Now Mel knows I have this little obsession with penguins, so yeah…this is what I got.

It has penguins alright

After 10 minutes of staring at it, I decided to say something.

Me: ….
Mel: So what do you think of your present?
Me: ….
Mel: Come on. What do you think?
Me: It’s…a box of tissues…
Mel: It’s got penguins on it!!
Me: It’s a box of tissues!!
Mel: But it’s got penguins on it!!
Me: ….

After another 10 minutes of staring at the gift and having Mel laugh her head off at my reaction. She decided to give me the second present.

It still has penguins

Mel: So that you don’t have to run out when you get Hay Fever later on in spring.
Me: ….

So me being me and knowing how practical and guy like Mel can be. I decided, what the heck. Sure, it’s a box of tissues with the refill packs, but I do have attacks of sinus in spring and I would need a lot of tissues then. This is her way of looking out after me in the best way possible. So after amusing Mel enough with my antics, she decided to give me my REAL present.

Bear in Penguins Clothing

She likes Polar Bears, so she thought it would have been really cute to have found a bear to dress up as a penguin. It is cute anyway. I like that present. Of course though, while that Pengubear has sentimental value, nothing in the world could possible beat this last present.

Psycho Penguin!!

Oh yeah…that’s the one present I was waiting all holidays to get alright. The one penguin I know I can’t find in Malaysia. Psycho Penguin Rico from Madagascar. Mel doesn’t think that’s the best gift though…she still thinks the first gift that she gave was priceless. Especially since it amused the hell out of her and would probably continue to do so for as long as she sees any box of tissues.

So right now, I have to find out where I can bury a dead female body without being noticed by the housemates and neightbours.

You got to admire a girl that can think of ways to amuse herself on your behalf by taking what you most love and turning it into an ironic twist of humour. I suppose knowing Mel, I walked right into that one. But I promised her I’ll get her back…one way or another. It’ll just take a while to put everything together before I yell “Gotcha!!”. But I’ve got time, I’m a patient man. Now if you’ll excuse me…I need to blow my nose, I feel a sneeze coming.

4 thoughts on “The Christmas Gift That Came Late

  1. sorry, but till now I still can’t stop laughing, even though you’ve shown me the box of tissue before you made this post….


    mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

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