The Christmas Project: Part 1

I really need a break. What am I talking about? I already am on a break. Then again something tells me I have way too much time on my hands when I fiddle with the forces of nature and start building objects of unnatural creation from scratch. I guess this is how it feels like to be God.

The beginning

Signs that you are a junk hoarder when you find mouse boxes dating back 3 years ago and ancient 56k modems dating back to the stoneage.

The middle

You know your speakers are pretty spiffy when you can actually see the reflection of your hairy legs off them. Yes, you need to look closer. Though not too close though or blindness may result.

The end

A bit of careful measuring here, a snippity-snip there, some generous amounts of industrial strength PVC glue everywhere and we have ourselves something that doesn’t fall apart when you try and handle it.

Yeah I think this is the part where I take a break while the glue dries. I better leave it overnight just to be sure. I almost forgot what it was like to make all these things from scratch, it brings back memories of the many insane things I used to build as a kid. Forts, home made clay, Koi pond, rockets, high explosives, off road buggys that sort of thing. Heck, if you toss in the fall of human civilisation, you can have yourself a scene from Mad Max.

Though at the middle of it all, it wasn’t exactly great fun with your hair falling over your eyes while having a blade in your hand or glue on your fingers. Of course I wouldn’t have to do all of that if I had a tad bit more money but then again we can’t always have everything in life.

What I do have however are fingers that are caked in dried glue and something I can be proud off after I put the finishing touches on it. I think I can afford to sit here and feel contented about that for now.

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