The Cool Girl And The Hot Car

If there are days when I tend to forget that men think on a completely different line of thought, this day would be one of them.

The girl and the car

“You show a picture of her next to a Porsche GT3RS and expect me to look at her?”

Men. Someone remind me how I’m one of them again?

8 thoughts on “The Cool Girl And The Hot Car

  1. Heheh…

    Anyway the post title would still be 100% correct if it was written as; “The Hot Girl And The Cool Car”

  2. Was there a girl in the photo with the race-prepped Porsche GT3 with low-profile tires on sexy red-painted, deep-dish wheels and what appears to be a functional carbon-fibre spoiler? 🙂

  3. hi kamigoroshi, this post has prompted me out of the closet 🙂

    I currently live in Norway and have a friend (a young woman who people might call attractive) from Poland who was in a pub recently with her boyfriend, sitting at some tables and chairs in the street, when the football started. Then it became a football pub. She’s used to getting attention, but she was left thinking maybe Norwegian guys just don’t show their appreciation.
    Then a racingbike went past. A Kwaka or something ‘exotic’ by local standards. And suddenly all eyes were off the football on the bigscreens, to jeering and raaing and drooling over the motorcycle!

    My friend was insulted 🙂

  4. depends how cool is the girl and how hot is the car… oh well, i didnt really answer the question, didnt i?

  5. Azmeen: How right you are! 🙂

    Mamak Mechanic Masterz, Gallivanter: Yes there was. You guys need to look a bit more closely.

    Justine: Men will be men. Nothing but sports and gadgets.

    ChickyBabe: Well, it is a pretty lil white car at that as well. 🙂

    Zewt: Nope. Not at all. 🙂

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