The Dead Eye

When life moves too much, too fast like what’s been happening in my life so far. The best advice was just to take things one day at a time. Unfortunately one day at a time does mean handling way more things than a single person is meant to handle. The result of which is a breakdown you have to contain before it gets any worse. I think I’ve gotten through that without too much trouble.

But as the eye approaches, the calm doesn’t always give things a chance to recover. Sometimes doing nothing with so much time is far worse than the alternative, especially when your life is devoid of human contact. These empty moments, no matter how precious people say it is are moments that are better spent spacing needful responsibilities out. But life never makes things run that conveniently.

At least not on my end.

So what time I have left before the next wave hits is a momentary breather to get things into order. Given the task that lies ahead for the next couple of weeks, I think the breather has already passed. The word is out that the storm is about to hit and there aren’t enough hands to help nail down what’s left of the flimsy foundation.

I really don’t like hanging on to my dear life by myself. If there are days when I wish there was 4 of me at the same time to do the job only I can do, this would be it. The problem is, one of me is really bad enough. I don’t think the world could handle another 4 more running around with issues like this.

That would be far more scary than the storm any day.

One thought on “The Dead Eye

  1. I find sometimes one day at a time to be too much. A hour or two at a time can be more manageable. Hope it eases up soon for you Kami :).

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