The End Of Silence

After 24 hours of blogging silence in respect to the Virginia Tech victims, it’s time to say something. While there have been a remarked amount of people who say that silence isn’t the solution to the problem and something like this is silly. I’m going to be quick to point out that this wasn’t about finding a solution. It was about respecting those who fell.

The thing about silence in respect for others isn’t about shutting up in the face of things that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It’s easy to cast the blame on guns, mental health issues, bad governing and even religion of all things, but casting the blame isn’t going to bring any of the victims back much less solve the problem. One may argue that silence isn’t going to bring them back either, but at least let us have some quiet contemplation towards those that pass on before.

Blogs are about expressing a point and the irony here is that our point comes from expressing our silence not our words. Where words can shape a person, silence can remind us of the person that was shaped by those words. Silence can remind us of the promises we made with our words to our times of helplessness. Silence can rekindle those words that they spoke, the words that will never be spoken off again.

With that, this silence while in respect of Virginia Tech isn’t just for Virginia Tech. It is for all of us who have lost someone too early in the past. It is for those who fell victim to events that rendered their family, lovers and friends helpless in the face of it. It is for those that survived, striving to continue a legacy born out of loss and live each dawn because of it.

In a world where everyone wants to make the most noise all the time, sometimes silence is the best way to make the loudest point. Remember those that have fallen in the past. Remember your promises to them. Remember their words. Remember that events like Virginia Tech aren’t the first and in this world where nothing is ideal, certainly won’t be the last.

One thought on “The End Of Silence

  1. I didnt blog yesterday either…I was going to but forgot

    I agree with you that silence is a good thing now and then. I crave silence to comtemplate people who have gone before me and what impact they had on my life.
    I am going to take a leaf out of your book, I am going to make time to have a little silence in my sanctuary.

    The Virginia Tech massacre was a horrible event in the timline of our lives. I pray that the families and people affected by it,in time, will find peace.

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