The End Of This Here Time

Tonight marks the end of 2010. While it may have been one of the most eventful years in history, it certainly is a year that made one of the greatest impact in my life.

Long have I done away with trying to fulfill New Year’s Resolutions simply because as a goal driven person itself, the amount of goals I set out to complete happens right down to an hourly basis. Instead, the year end has always been a time to reflect on the things that I have learned. In my experience of the new and often unusual, it’s all about expanding the knowledge beyond the scope in which I originally saw the world.

This year however, hasn’t been about expanding the horizons that have previously limited me. Of course, I have learned a great deal about many things, from work, to how the legal system in Australia works. The year however, has been about surviving hardship and overcoming obstacles that redefine my sense of existence. This year has been about sacrificing the original dream for a purpose far more realistic and all the more terrifying in scope.

What came out of 2010 was a redefining of self, one that I eventually hope would be a sobering testament to the fragility of a dream and power of hope. It may not have been enough to convert me into a praying man, but at least I know, even among the cursed and the damned, some angels have enough faith to make house calls.

So where does 2011 leave me? As always the future is riddled with unknowns which I have yet to extrapolate. The best I can do, the best I have always done is keep to the goals in which I have set out to do and deal with the things as they come. With that we bid goodbye to one hell of a year, one which left me teethering at the edge of the abyss and yet somehow gave me exactly what I wanted. A year that will, like all other years be a frozen moment in time, a milestone to surpass rather than to fall prey to nostalgia.

Happy new year folks. Let’s make the new one better then the one before.

2 thoughts on “The End Of This Here Time

  1. Happy New Year to you Ed! I wish you good health, above all things that money can buy and time can bring about, lots of warmth and love and joy in all that you do. Cheers to a more productive 2011!

    P/S: Please tell Mel I said Happy New Year! 😀

  2. Sup, Ed! Haven’t been visiting ye old bloggers’ blogs for quite some time now. Some left, some still rockin’. Nice to see you’re still up and running (hey it rhymes). Have a great 2011! 😀

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