The Fascinating Pink Poodle

Whenever something controversial comes out, everyone including people who can’t see themselves 5 years down the road suddenly have very clear and very verbal opinion about whatever is being talked about. Then you go down the road where all the sides cross and thus beginning a very long debate which eventually forgets the the reason why the whole thing started and continues to nothing more than to see who’s ego backs down first.

So really no matter what comes out, everyone would love the controversy. How could they not? It appeals to our sense of narcissism because suddenly after days, weeks or months of having absolutely nothing better to say, we have a reason to actually say things that we have nothing better to say.

We suddenly become experts in the field of ethics or morality or writing things that people actually need a lawyer to help read because we might miss out on things we didn’t read properly. It makes us better and smarter or at least makes us pretend we’re smarter which in some cases is enough for us to attend ivy league education and come back with a degree. I can’t do the same thing unfortunately. Bully for me.

Then again, I can’t really blame people. It’s all human nature. It can be utterly stupid, it can drive you up the wall, it can make even the best brainiacs in the world go “huh?”. I mean you got 6 billion people on the planet and you kinda have to realize that without people who suddenly say completely irrational things, the world would be a very mundane, very boring place to live.

So when you put things like that, insane people are really the most interesting people around…it’s just that sometimes you have to find a way to make sense of that insensibility which when done long enough is an insane act itself…but that wouldn’t change a thing in my case.

So she said something comepletely stupid and to many people insensitive. The question isn’t the fact that she is catatonically bimbotic. The far more interesting question here is…why does that surprise any of you? Unless you’re particularly new to blogging or have absolutely no interest in what goes on in the blogosphere, yeah you got a reason to be outraged for a while…then suddenly realise one important thing.

This is what she does, this is her blogging identity. She can fire completely baffling questions and statements then sit back to watch the drama and fireworks fly. Of course if you have no interest in what goes on in the blogosphere, I doubt you would even begin to care about why she would say such a thing, but that’s another story entirely.

So the real point here is that if a lot of us already know she’s insane and prone to saying things like this, why else would she be interesting…unless…aha…it’s the sense of narcissism that we can openly exclaim our moral outrage to whatever she said in words that are very very…colourful. It’s too bad that by doing that, well that’s not so interesting anymore. Everyone’s doing it.

Me, well…I know she’s insane and for the most part not particularly bright. I read, I have my opinions, I laugh, I talk about it with a close friend and I keep moving knowing I can still laugh at the sheer insanity in which she wrote what she wrote. The blogosphere doesn’t need another person telling the rest of us that it’s stupid…because we (again for the most part) KNOW something’s not right. We just like to have something to say and what she wrote gave many of us something to say than what we would otherwise spend time in saying.

So when you come to think of it, she did many of us a favour. Come on people, show a little gratitude for the mentally askewed. After all, handicapped people should have easy accesses to whatever they want right? I just have to first figure out what she wants. A sink in her toilet rather than outside perhaps?

21 thoughts on “The Fascinating Pink Poodle

  1. The world is made up of all sorts of people. You either get on with the programme or get your panties up in a wat trying to make everyone be like you.

  2. ok…the only good thing that i can say out of it, is that, at least it shows how much concern people have for the handicapped.

    These are not exactly issues that people talk about.

    Social issues that we take for granted of the handicapped.

    Someone has to light the fire, and the others are just keeping it burning.

  3. i dunno. i only read her site when any of you mention it. and everytime i do that, she’s saying something that makes me think, “wait, this girl says she’s in mensa?” like you said, this is not the first time. i’m not surprised at her post. but. it’s really more insensitive than usual.

  4. Kamigoroshi: Aha…that’s the beauty of ambiguity. I could be talking about anything.

    Never mind, I know who you’re talking about.

    Lishun: “wait, this girl says she’s in mensa?”

    Damn, anyone can say they are from anywhere, I can say I’m from the Moon or something, this is the internet after all, anyone can say anything with practically no chance of anyone else finding out.

  5. Her point? That’s she’s a very shallow young person, she does think, though not very deep, and she prizes her toilets very much.

    And like Lishun, I only read her blog when someone mentions it. :p

  6. Of course if she becomes handicapped, I wonder if she’ll start ranting if someone uses her handicapped toilet as well. I thought handicapped toilets are for handicapped people only, if not why did they put the sign out at the front? It’s just like saying males can enter female toilets, after all it’s still a toilet…

  7. you don’t have to be something to be able to feel empathy for the other. i don’t have to be a cat that got hit by a reckless driver to feel damn sorry and angry for the cat.

    but not being so literal has its drawbacks. sometimes people have to be screamed and shouted at for the mighty dawn of all understanding.

    so, that’s that lah. not like anyone expected her to change. but i do what i can BECAUSE I CAN 😛

  8. Well, screw that.

    So what if she’s in MENSA? I am in MENSA and I can be just as politically incorrect. Hey geeks (and people who have a card that says they’re smart) can be pretty insensitive and righteous. I know, I’m on the MENSA Yahoo group. 😛

    And hey, the blogs we like are blogs by smart people. Smart does not mean he/she has a natural inclination for kindness, goodwill and all that jazz. The most engaging bloggers, I seriously believe, are more eccentric. If you didn’t have a tinge of eccentricness (or you could cover it by replacing ‘eccentric’ with ‘interesting’) you’d be blogging about lunch.

    Ed no offense, you are smart, intellectual, but you are also a bit not-so-well-adjusted and insane. Modern day blogs have turned more narcissistic and attract more insecure, attention-seeking crowds to start blogging; though ironically a strict non-personal blogger may gain insecurity with newfound popularity. Thus, bloggers, whether originally insecure or not, become insecure and therefore blogging is evil because insecurity is bad!

    While I do not agree with her stand on certain things, I do admire the way she has managed to secure herself publicity based on the way she writes and promotes herself (by spawning few blog accounts). Think of our former boss; some methods he used may be objectionable, but they worked.

  9. Who said I wasn’t maladjusted and insane? Why else would I find normality mundane? How was what I’m saying bad in any way?

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