The Fear Factor: Terror In Our Hearts

I will not fear for fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that causes total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will let it pass over me and through me and when I turn my inner eye to seek it’s path. Only I shall remain.

No true words spoken against the single emotion that has driven humanity to do many things. There have been good things done out of fear…but for the most part it has driven all of us to do many many stupid things.

Horror and moral terror is one of them.

Contrary to what Marlon Brando echoed in Apocalypse Now, fear is never our friend. Only those who live in fear of themselves and the world around them and have allowed the terror of possibilities to overrun their entire lives know nothing else but to use fear as their way of living.

Fear is the path of the Dark Side

But we cannot help it can we? We as human beings arrogant in our own superiority, will always have that nagging sense of unrest against the what we do not know and what we do not understand. We have long sheltered ourselves against the darkness, fearful of what nightmarish creatures we imagine might reach out and claim us.

Then we invented fire.

Yet…even after hundreds of thousands of years, we still shelter against that darkness. We still hide away from the imaginary demons and nightmarish creatures that are locked within our minds. We hide deep inside where no normal light can reach us trapped in the cage of our own making fearful of what that imaginary unknown can do to us. So we do what we do best. We do what we we have been doing for so long.

We destroy what we fear.

We destroy that unknown.

Then you flash back to now and that is what you get. The eventual consequence of fear, horror and moral terror. Wrapped up in desperation, hatred, and instructions to build nifty explosives in order to inflict the same fear of the unknown onto those they don’t understand. I don’t think the polls are completely true to say that people in the UK are not scared. I think people there are scared…scared and angry that something like this can and did happen in their own back yard…but just not showing it.

I mean…if the Petronas Twin Towers get blown up by some idiots running around. You think Malaysians wouldn’t be scared? A lot of us would be piss scared. It’s a natural thing. We’ve been feeling it for hundreds of thousands of years. No one can seriously deny it. I doubt even I can say “There are mad people on the loose with explosive and I might die being at the wrong place at the wrong time but it’s ok really.” We know you’re scared…but we’re proud you’re standing up to it anyway.

But it’s that hidden fear that drives us to do those many stupid things. It is that denied fear that pushes us to do things out of desperation. It’s that cage around us that dulls us from the world, seperating us from the truth and bleeding in those nightmarish demons of our minds.

Don’t let fear cloud your judgement.

Don’t let hatred for the unknown make you do catatonically stupid things like this.

Walk into the light and let ignorance be your demon no more.

One thought on “The Fear Factor: Terror In Our Hearts

  1. Forgiveness takes time. Of course I’d be severely pissed of and want vengence. Knowing how vindictive I am, I’d want to make them suffer before they die. Doing something like this doesn’t exactly excuse the act. In fact, it would start or continue the chain reaction of hatred, desperation and fear.

    It’s because we’re human which is why this cycle is hard to break.

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