The Final Solution For Stupidity

If there is one thing I seem to be saying a lot to my friends lately, it’s this. There are 6 billion people on this planet and not all of them are going to be very bright bulbs. I guess that’s especially true when you begin to realise wherever you will go there will always be people like that with nothing better to do than to make your life an absolute annoyance.

I get that a lot and over time…I figured out a way out of it.

Edrei’s Final Solution For Stupidity:

  1. Concentration Stupidity Camps
  2. Bonfire

Of course though…methods like that haven’t been tried in a while and the last time something like that was done, the only people who were pleased with it wore tight pants and marched funny (I know that wasn’t the case, it’s meant to be funny…so laugh already).

Anyway to make things have a little more sense I guess there is a way that makes up for when stupidity strikes you hard and there is no way to fight back. I think it does work after all.

Edrei’s Realistic Solution For Stupidity:

  1. Count to 10 or 1000, whichever is closer to making you calmer.
  2. Let it be.
  3. Let it be.
  4. Let it be.
  5. Let it be.
  6. Let it be.
  7. Let it be.
  8. Let it be.

That’s right. It doesn’t matter what kind of stupidity, whether it be jealousy, immaturity, arrogance, elitism or plain common senlessness of any kind, short of the final solution, there is absolutely no way you can get rid of it. So the best thing…and bare with me here because I’m going to sound a bit hokey. The best thing you can do in all this…

Is to let karma take its proper course of action.

That’s right…let it be and do what you were doing all along if stupidity doesn’t hinder you that much…and even if it does…there are always other ways to get past it, other ways to where you want to go. It’s always best to be patient and keep working towards what you want no matter what. It’s always best to keep doing what you’re doing no matter what and not get worked up about something that wouldn’t deviate you from your lifestyle an inch.

At the end of it all…life always wraps up its loose ends and gives everyone their just desserts. I guess, I’ve seen enough karma go around to know that it actually does work. It actually pays to be nice even though people are acting like idiots. It actually pays to be helpful when you’re denied the right to make a bigger difference.

It pays to be a lot of things despite the shit you have to endure.

So when it comes to this. Sit back, calm down, relax and be patient. After all, as long as nothing stands in the way of what you’re doing, stupidity is the mere fly hovering over your head as you walk towards the finish line. Wave it off and just keep walking.

Sooner or later the fly will be dead.

Sooner or later you’ll get what you want.

Sooner or later.

Sometimes sooner.

Mostly later.

One thought on “The Final Solution For Stupidity

  1. first of all…nice new category non-buttons. if you know what i mean. cleans up the whole look of the blog.

    secondly…stupid people. they’re there because intelligence isn’t evenly distributed and their existence is to balance the weight of the total available intelligence in the universe. so yeah, let it be. so that when any of us have our moments of stupidity, we’ll be forgiven too.

    stupidity is necessary. it wouldn’t be that fun if everyone were so clever anyway. you wouldn’t have anything to rant about over teh tarik!

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