The (Finally) Employed Scientist

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“You went from applying for a job to starting work in 4 days?”


“How many jobs did you apply for before getting that?”

“That was my first one.”

It goes without saying that either someone out there is looking out for me, or lady luck finally decided to pay me a visit after long time coming. Considering the current economic climate, maybe I can consider myself lucky or maybe I picked the right path to start off my career to begin with. I suppose with the big picture in mind, one day I’ll look back at these baby steps and think nothing of it. For the time being though, knowing that I’m finally part of the adult workforce presents itself with a small sense of accomplishment that many of my peers have long since been a part of. It’s just that this time, there is one small difference that I know separates them from me.

This time, I know that it’s all part of the plan. One that won’t get me disillusioned and certainly one that I know I won’t stop loving.

5 thoughts on “The (Finally) Employed Scientist

  1. Thanks for the well wishes. I really appreciate it, but really, there is nothing worth congratulating for now. šŸ™‚

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