The First Job…

Alright…I admit. I was supposed to be studying last night. Then again…as much as I did study, the words were just going into my head and leaking out my ears. It’s not like it did much use anyway considering it has always been my worst subject.

Why else would I be retaking it?

Of course…where there is a restless mind, there is always a wandering mind…and in my case…a pondering mind. A mind that actively seeks to distract itself from the mental numbness that it has been enduring for a few days now. A mind that asked but only one important last night.

Why the hell am I still studying this muck?

So…as far as minds go. It coaxed me. It directed me on another journey. A journey in search of something I still treasure today. Something that told me that the path less taken is always a path that is most worthwhile for me. Something that gave me more reason to keep doing what I do today.

Thus I traversed across the regions of cyberspace in search for the all knowing omnipotent being in which no knowledge and no information is beyond his reach. It was a long road, it was an eventful road but in end, bowing over in front this being. I asked my question.


Alas, it wasn’t that simple for I was given many answers which I had to work out myself. For a mere mortal to make sense of a higher being’s answers is pretty tricky by itself. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and make the same mistakes that general religions have always made to begin with anyway.

But rewards are not without their hard work and every hard work is not without its end. For I had found what I was looking for. The very thing my restless, wandering mind could only but sit back and admire in pride the simplicity and creativity of a past worth remembering.

Sometimes a past gets lost in memory. Sometimes all we can hold on to the past is in the images and words we remind ourselves with. Sometimes we actually have a piece of the past left in reality to remind ourselves again and again about the good and bad times we walked through them.

I found a little piece of that past.

I found the first article I got paid to write for.

While other friends were working in Starbucks or KFC right after high school. I was paid to sit at home and write a whole bunch of these. Some nights I still laugh myself silly knowing I did something I said I would do and still get paid for it. Some night I wonder what would have happened if I continued doing it. What would have happened if I took up journalism majored in english instead.

I wonder where I would be now?

Well it doesn’t matter.

I already am where I am now. At least I can look back at the past and say I got something to be proud off. At least my wandering mind can rest at ease knowing that some things pay off in the end. That sometimes the road less taken can be a road worth taking.

That sometimes the first things you do.

Can be legacy for things to come.

And a smile when you most need it.

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