The Funny Islamic Cartoon

Throughout the world, Islam as a religion is been portrayed as one that’s ruled by the iron fist. The one that takes not with love but with the sword. While die hard Christian fundamentalists appear on TV as evangelists trying to con people out of their life savings, die hard muslim fundamentalists appear on TV trying to take people’s lives. Out of the two, the latter isn’t exactly what you call a public relations dream job.

That’s what we get for having a few people in the world crazy enough to blow things up. A media legacy of the typical muslim extremist. On the other hand don’t you wish that ideally, Muslim fundamentalists aren’t portrayed as the gun totting suicidal man with bombs and facial hair? Couldn’t they at least give them a better image of being radical? Couldn’t they have come out looking like this?

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

I’d like to think that in the ideal world, anything can happen, even if they are good things. Then again, this isn’t an ideal world isn’t it?

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