The Futile Running Masks

People run. More than they are willing to face whatever is out there waiting for them. People run away from their fears, from their insecurities and most of all, from the truths that make their futures what it is.

It’s hard not to feel obligated to do something about it. When you see so much that holds a person back, that holds friends back, you want to tell them to stop running. You do tell them to stop and face those pains, those truths, only to be told back to “stop and drop it” in so many words.

I am surrounded by the masks that people wear. Visages that they believe hides their true face from the world outside. Maybe it does for the rest of the world, but I know I am cocooned in a perpetual sea of misdirections and half truths. Reasons and rational so blindingly obvious to me that it makes no sense to keep it hidden.

Whether it is a curse to be able to see what lies beneath is a matter of perception. To be able to see into someone’s heart can be a gift of great intimacy. What you do after you’re face with a person’s true self on the other hand is its own curse.

Yet people still run. People still hide. For every heart helped heal, there will always be the ones you cannot reach. Hearts that matter most to reach. All I can do is watch. Bear witness to the selves that people so desperately try and forget and to the veils they wear to protect them from the world.

People will always run, but they can never hide. Not from the ever present truths that they fear. Not from the lost futures that they create with their masks. Not from me who will always be there. Always seeing the truths. Always ready to help them face it.

3 thoughts on “The Futile Running Masks

  1. People even run from a helping hand that’s offered to them. Maybe they don’t want to see the truth that’s on offer to them.

  2. Few are ever prepared. Fewer still will thank you when you’re done. The sad thing is, truths always set people free. The same truths that people run away from believing that they are free.

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