The Happy Camper

It’s that time of the semester again where all things must come to an end. By that I mean that I’m up to my ears in my final exams. Which really isn’t much of a bother except that with all that’s going on lately, I needed to do something more than juggle all my responsibilities with my hands, feet and on occassion…nose. So what’s a city guy to do when he’s bogged down with too much to handle at once? He waltzes into the middle of nowhere and comes back with this:

The Real Deal
Not exactly a textbook to absorb, but it isn’t exactly what you call a stressful view to begin with.

Building Platform
This is where we will be sleeping…at least until we actually figure out where everything goes in the first place.

Clueless in Camping
I think by this time we realised that someone left the instructions back home.

The entire camping site, complete with an off road 4 wheel drive, a big tent, a veranda, a beautiful scenery with a river, wood for the campfire and of course…clueless campers who still have trouble trying to set the first tent up.

The finished product…and it only took us 3 hours and a high blood pressure to put it together.

Dancing on the Floor
Either she was dancing to old songs from the Spice Girls or she was trying to conjure up some witchcraft, which one it was, I couldn’t tell the difference.

Great Bottles of Fire
You know how people turn sand into glass? Well, we just wanted to see whether we could turn glass into sand. Naturally we couldn’t…but we got molten glass and this picture to boot.

Full Moon
Did I ever tell you that this is the only place where the moon is bright enough to actually blind me? Notice how it’s the full moon tonight, because it’s very important to the next picture.

Kinky Tidings
They say full moon brings out the period and full blown insanity, hence the term lunacy. I can’t dispute that after something like this.

Obscene Icicle
Let me put it this way, a -4 degree celcius night is cold enough to give even icicles a stiffy.

A Different Kind of Skip
You got a gravel riverbed and body of water, don’t tell me you have never skipped stones before you poor spoilt city city kid. You don’t know what you’re missing.

Packing Up
I did the best I could to help put things away, but I couldn’t figure out where everything went. I did get a good makeover along the way though.

Cat on the Roof
They say that cats do have a problem trying to get down from high places. This big frisky one is no exception.

That being said and done, after all the soot and grime has been washed off. It’s time to get back to the responsibility of getting needful things done and over with. They might not wait for me, but it doesn’t damn well take up my entire life and it’ll still get done in the end anyway. Sometimes you need to kick back for a while even if it is one night, it might actually make a difference. It probably has anyway. That much is worth spending a night outdoors in the damn cold.

7 thoughts on “The Happy Camper

  1. Blue: You mean my blog got done over by Italk2much. 🙂

    Kristine: Well, that’s partially my fault…left my phone in the other room again. Sorry. 🙂

  2. well then. that settles it. i’m calling u tonite and i ‘m gonna rage like a lunatic for 15 mins about how my anatomy paper sucked. and how i wanted u to scold me into studying 😛

  3. Umm…you have to know I have a paper tomorrow. Not just any paper. The worst paper I have ever taken…3 times. I really need to study this one.

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