The Hardest Thing

The hardest part of making friends for people like me is in admitting that we need to look beyond what we normally look for. As with any relationships between people, sometimes it’s in not nitpicking what you find that leads to finding what you can’t nitpick. While I’ve worked that out in my love for women, I’ve yet to put that together with my appreciation for companionship.

It still doesn’t mean I won’t stick to the common ground that all friendships are built on. Just that I shouldn’t sweat the heavy stuff until it matters. Give it time and all seeds bear their fruit. A perfect analogy for a person who doesn’t eat many fruits to begin with.

What I can’t figure out is what do I do when I need a good hug now? Do I have to wait till tomorrow to find out?

3 thoughts on “The Hardest Thing

  1. I make friends with a lot of people easily. If any of those friends can become close friends, only time will tell.

    And when I need a good hug, I hug a pillow. Because it’s soft and comforting. And because I know it’ll never ever hurt me.

  2. It’s always tricker for me though being a guy, especially one who wears his emotions on the sleeves. The world has an odd way of looking at people like me.

    After a while though, my very large penguin doesn’t really make up for the warmth and scent of a real human being. 🙂

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