The Hari Raya Haji Apology

Ever since I could remember, I have always liked Hari Raya Haji for one reason – I get to see cows being sacrificed. I mean, I’m still a guy and a very mobid one to that, it’s just something you do not pass over no matter what the reason may be. Heck, the smell of offal in the air is still enough to get me all excited.

Of course, after a while I remembered that some of my friends are in fact Buddhists and Hindu practioners and the fact that you’re out in the open sacrificing cows isn’t exactly the best thing to be showing in front of people who abhor violence or find the cow sacred.

So I would like to take this time to sort off…apologise to my Buddhist and Hindu friends for the fact that we slaughter many many cows in the open on this day. I know, we’re a multi-cultural society, it happens every year and all that jazz, but it doesn’t mean I can’t say sorry for having traditions which goes against your ideals and belief. It’s just a decent thing to do anyway.

So again. Sorry for the cow bit. I’ll make it up to you guys one way or another. What about goats? Are goats ok then?

12 thoughts on “The Hari Raya Haji Apology

  1. funny you brought this up, edrei. i was just thinking the same thing.

    you see, right in front of our apartment block is a small field and every year on hari raya haji, a cow was slaughtered right there, and the meat distributed to the people there and then. from my apartment on the last storey (5th floor) i can get a good view of what’s going on, and i wonder why they do it out in the open where everybody, non muslims included, can get to see it.

    when i heard the cow cried and the people cheering and all that, i always shuddered to myself, “the poor cow. how could they do such a thing?”

    i don’t find the cow sacred or anything to do with my faith (therefore cows, goats, whatever, to me is wrong too). i just don’t like voilence and cruelty to animals. sure, to the muslims it is not voilent or cruel but as you pointed out to show some respect to the non muslims, try not to do it out in the open.

  2. i’m sure no one takes real personal offence. after all we’re brought up to be tolerant and yeah malaysia is a multi-cultural country with lots and lots of religious and cultural practices, but i agree that having it done out in the open is a bit the…gross, tradition or otherwise.

    i personally don’t care. it’s been done for centuries.

  3. Islamic way is the most humane way to slaughter an animal for food. Animal cruelty, only a hypocrite vegetarian will say it. 😉

  4. I, personally, do nott find it obnoxious.

    Anyway, something related perhaps, check this out if you are interested, a victim of the raid @ Paul’s Place sent a mail to multiple recipients of Harian Metro.

    And here’s a response of the paper.

    KUALA LUMPUR: Segelintir remaja yang dipercayai taksub terhadap muzik liar, bertindak biadab apabila menyamakan ibadat suci korban dan penyembelihan haiwan sempena Aidiladha di beberapa masjid utama dengan upacara pemujaan dilakukan pengikut Black Metal.

    Antara kandungan e-mel dikirim bertulis, “saya dapat maklumat risikan yang menunjukkan bahawa ada sekumpulan orang memakai jubah (mungkin ada yang hitam) akan mengadakan upacara sembelihan kambing (mungkin ada yang hitam) dan kemungkinan juga lembu (mungkin ada yang hitam) dan unta (biasanya kelabu – hampir hitam) pada Selasa, 10 Januari 2006.”

    Kandungan e-mel berkenaan secara jelas turut memberitahu bahawa upacara sembelihan itu akan diadakan di dua masjid utama iaitu di Masjid Shah Alam dan Masjid Negara.

    Which I found, pretty funny.

  5. Bro,
    You do not have to apologise for your religious belief. Korban is the ultimate sacrifice. The cow is blessed as being the the instrument of that sacrifice. You have to appreciate it from the Islamic perspective. It is wrong to justify it from the Hindu-Budhhist orientation!!

  6. Lucia: Hence the apology.

    KY: Come, I cook some steak for you.

    Lishun: Well again, just for some people that find it disturbing.

    Jemey: Thanks for the link, though you know I don’t really trust local papers anymore. Not after alot of very very…weird reports.

    Mdoe: But not out in the open la, that’s my point.

    Yuenchi: Yeah, I keep track of that. Which is why I don’t trust local papers anymore. Did you read the one about animes?

    Rajarome: Why is it wrong to look at it from another person’s point of view? They have their say too. It’s not wrong to place yourself in the shoes of another.

  7. Bro,
    Nothing wrong looking from another person’s point of view…that’s personal, relative and subjective. However, it’s absolutely unacceptable to move the goal-post around to suit your fancies. The PREMISE of the comments should be about a RELIGIOUS practise of SACRIFICE….it is not the daily and normal site that you see. THUS, THE COW BECOMES A SACRED ANIMAL (as in Islam not Hindu), it should be understood and appreciated in that respect.

  8. Don’t have to trust the local papers blindly. Just google up the names of the professor and his assistant and you’ll get the source of the original report.

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