The Homosexual Union

What is it about people and homosexual marriages? More to the point, what is about people and homosexuals? I know I’m pretty much ok with them, seeing that some of my friends are indeed people who swing the other way. Then again…it turns out the rest of the society isn’t that forgiving.

Although most of the things I do know is from being in another country and having friends in another country. It just seems to me that the 21st century, as “open” as it is to new and exciting things, still encases itself in the prejudice of old. Just because your identity is different from what people in the society would call the “norm”, you’re denied the right to live the same as everyone else. More so, you’re being punished because you’re different than everyone else.

How does the choice to love someone become the very thing that people judge you on? In that sense, it just seems that society is a hypocritical bunch that says “you can love anyone just not the people with the same sex as yourself”. For the most part, the only reason why homosexuality seems wrong on so many leverls is because of the universal answer that “God said so” and when the parent figure wags the finger at us, most of us wouldn’t dare question or disobey for the fear of being spanked really badly.

Of course, that’s not counting the other non religious traditional reasons. Trying to imagine two guys kissing just doesn’t cut it for a lot of macho he-men, it just isn’t ingrained into our genes…unless of course it is ingrained into our genes…but then by that time we guys would be the ones kissing other men and not just imagining it.

So where am I going with this? It’s just that nonsensical fears and prejudices based on heresay and misinterpreted information would screw up people’s lives to an extent that they have no choice but to live the way they live because society forces them to do so. People who love each other can’t share the same legal benefits of married couples because they can’t marry. No tax benefits, no insurance rights, no way to adopt children or be considered for guardianship, no visiting as kin in hospital visits even.

Instead the only law that I have found out to protect homosexuals is a tiny note that says you cannot discriminate people with different sexual orientations because it’s a hate crime…or something like that. Which to me is an ironic hypocrisy, considering the fact society will treat homosexuals nicer than straight people because it is the law and not because they treat people equally by nature.

At the end of it, if things like this are going to look up for the better, it isn’t about segregating the fact you’re a homosexual and giving you exclusive rights of privilages because you like someoneof the same sex. It’s about equalizing the right for everyone to live with the identity they have without being denied things that normal society would easily obtain. Until then…nothing will ever change.

5 thoughts on “The Homosexual Union

  1. *shrug* who knows why people do what they do?

    Trying to imagine two guys kissing just doesn’t cut it for a lot of macho he-men, it just isn’t ingrained into our genes…
    Hah…actually, it was before the church became so powerful. I read a book called History of Sexuality (or something like that) and it stated that it was documented that the church discriminated against butt sex because priests of other religions, some of them engage in it, so they took to calling it unholy and unnatural in a move to undermine their authority.

    Gay sex was pretty much a norm in Greece, and lessee what else i recall from that book….The Spartans, I mean, cmon, they were bloody He Man and homosexual sex was a must in the army.

    But hey, who knows why people do what they do.

  2. (well, actually, The Spartans had gay sex to make them closer and more protective of each other, hence their known ferocity in battle)

  3. True…and they were so far away from women. Anyone would be starved for it too being that far all the time. Who said it wasn’t good?

  4. You have to admit that certain countries have already put that into view, and the UK for example have just passed a law on the 5th to allow same sex marriages and equal tax rights to them. I’m not defending the stigma and finger wagging society imposes on these people, but you have to admit that the situation is getting better somehow. Though you have to admit, it will take a couple of decades till an asian or muslim country to come to accepting, let alone supporting.

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