The Infinite Road Ahead

You can’t help but be anxious over things you can’t control. Sometimes, there is no telling which of the 100 things you didn’t plan for, will go wrong. It could be due to an oversight on your part or it couldn’t. None of that really matters anyway.

What does matter is what you’re going to do about it after it happens. That’s all that you can do. That’s all that you should ever do. Yet some of us can’t stop there. Some of us are so used to playing God with our lives that we reach out to every factor that we can. We process time and time again the plans within plans, the schemes within schemes. We’re not just ambitious, we just take it to a whole new level.

I suppose there are prices to pay for that kind of control. The mind isn’t always equipped to handle so many things at once. Sometimes we fail miserably in the attempts to accomplish the simplest of things, other times we cross the lines that have no return, never coming back the same way you set out as.

Yet for all our failures, all our inability to comprehend the simplicity of normalcy, we often create the systems in which normalcy is governed by. We are the trend setters and the pioneers of things no one in the box dare set out to not just imagine, but also accomplish. We are the underdogs of today and the poster boys of tomorrow.

For that some prices are worth paying because today, I’m having a fit trying to remember everything I need to remember for the road ahead and tomorrow, we’ll see where that windy road takes us.

One can only hope it’s to a future I can say I stood my ground and created with my own hands.

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