The Good Day Reminder

If there is anything to remind myself as time passes, its to be a better person. Actually…that isn’t really possible, as much as I try…you can’t be a better person all by yourself. It just isn’t possible to be something better if you haven’t the slightest clue how to get there. The best you can do is remind yourself of the best of who you are. So I am.

Edrei’s Recent Reminders Of Who He Is:

  1. You’re the guy she asked out on a date because would rather spend it with a friend she trusts.
  2. You’re the guy who couldn’t close his mouth the moment you saw her in her dress and realised for the first time that she’s still a girl.
  3. You’re the guy she kissed on the lips and changed the way both of you saw each other.
  4. You’re the guy who feels for some reason that he has no reason to be anyone else but himself around her because it makes her laugh.
  5. You’re the guy who put your arm around her and realised that she isn’t pulling back.
  6. You’re the guy she listened to even though she had no other reason to do so.
  7. You’re the guy she can complete your sentences with and vice versa.
  8. You’re the guy who could always count on her for company when you needed to down a couple of brews.
  9. You’re the guy who has all the reasons to go all the way and not stop because he’s leaving in less than 10 days.
  10. You’re the guy who’s giving himself a reason to keep walking foward for someone worth your time and leaving the past where it is.

Come to think of it, I’ve already done something like this before. It’s just in this case, I needed to remind myself why I’m doing whatever it is I’m doing right now. After so long out of the game, it just feels weird to let myself be happy about the things that are going on.

Maybe it’s about time I have my dues. Maybe it’s just another way for God to mock me with his pinky. Maybe she’s thinking of the same thing. Maybe I don’t really have an answer to my questions right now. Maybe I’ll just sit back and see where this goes. Maybe it won’t be so bad at all. Maybe some of the best things in life are just about reminding yourself what you have right now and seeing how far you can go.

Maybe it’s time I stop thinkng about the maybes. Maybe.

3 thoughts on “The Good Day Reminder

  1. maybes just make us get stuck in that one position. maybe we shouldn’t think too much and just go with the flow? or maybe not? hmm

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