The King’s 30th Anniversary

Having no relation with bloodline royalty, today marks the 30th anniversary of the death of the king – Elvis Presley.

Despite being a child of the 80’s and keeping up with the times, there is something about music of the old that has always caught my attention. Elvis being right up there throughout the 50’s and 60’s is no exception to that calling. If anything, his music still holds a kind of power that’s quite unlike the music you hear today. At least to me being someone born out of time, today’s music just doesn’t cut it like he did.

So just for today, Mel’s lighting up a candle in memory of the King and me, I’ll be playing my entire collection of Elvis songs all throughout the day. With any luck, people passing by would think that this house is occupied by old people if they haven’t already thought so already from me blasting out my entire collections of Bee Gees, The Who’s and Pink Floyd.

But today is about the man that wrote the face of Rock and Roll and still endures in the face of music 30 years later. Let us fans remember his songs we love and the emotions he put in as he sang them. The king may have been dead for 3 decades today, but long live the king.

Long live Elvis.

2 thoughts on “The King’s 30th Anniversary

  1. Listen to ‘calling elvis’ by dire straights. My mother used to play her Elvis records continuously when i was a kid….
    I Love some of his songs…I adore jailhouse rock (movie) and I can tolerate ‘teddybear’
    Elvis was, is and always will be one of the greats. Would he still be recording today if he was alive? Who knows but as it is…I agree Edrei…Long live the king of rock and roll!

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