The Lazier Sunday Afternoon Post

I wish I could make a difference, I really do. Then again you know as I know that unless we know what we’re talking about, we’d then start to lift our finger. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything at all, because that is one place in life I’d have to walk away for now…at least until I’m ready to come home.

What I can do however on this supposedly lazy Sunday afternoon is to share with you something I dug up from Scienceblogs. It’s hard to make something like this sound interesting so bear with me on this ok? What it is, is a Java applet that converts your site into a graph form. It probably won’t rock your socks off the same way it does for me, but for a science geek like myself in the line I’m in, it kinda looks like protein (un)folding sequence especially when you see it generate your site in real time, so yes…it tickles me pink.

To give you the faintest idea what I’m babbling about, here is what my site looks like after generation:
Look at the pretty formations

The colours represent the tags that exist on your site, such as blue for links, green for div tags and so on so forth. There are explainations and more neat examples from the creator of the applet at his site, so load at your discretion cause it’s got a lot to load. It’s also handy for web designers to give them an idea of where things are and where everything connects. Kinda like a site map that looks like a…well…map.

I know, you’re not much of a science geek and neither are you a web designer, so it’s not going tomake much of a difference to see your site as a graph, then again hopefully it would take your mind off things even if it for a few minutes. If you can just squint at the right angle, you can almost imagine it to be a flower opening up. That at least should amuse you for a while.

Otherwise I’m really all out of ideas, which itself isn’t really a good idea when you’re pushing against the immovable wall of stupidty. Go figure.

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