The Lazy Sunday Chinese New Year Post

Lazy is the operative word alright. Why is it I am able to finish tweaking the layout of other people’s blogs, but I can’t do anything in regards to my own theme. Whenever I try and get down to it, I realize one important thing. I really do not know how to code it the way it’s supposed to be. In fact, I’m half tempted to just grab one of those other themes out there and supercharge it the way I know best.

But the truth and the matter is, there is only so much I can do with my skills and building something like this from the ground up isn’t one of them. I really need help, because without it…I don’t think I am able to finish this.

Then again…you know my motto now. When in doubt, take a cold can of booze and chill on the porch. That would definitely be way better than being stuck in the room all day trying to get this done right. Of course that doesn’t solve the problem. It’s just much more fun doing it.

I guess that’s why they call this post the “Lazy Sunday Chinese New Year” post. Go figure.

5 thoughts on “The Lazy Sunday Chinese New Year Post

  1. I enjoy tweaking too, my blog is simply not fancy as those that I have helped with.

    Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. Zafran: It’ll take a while to explain. Best is to check here and look at this pic to get the idea.

    Yuenchi: Happy Chinese New Year to you too. It sucks doesn’t it. I wonder what is good then.

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