The List

Edrei’s List of Things To Do While I have Nothing To Do:

  1. Tweak blog sidebar under Internet Explorer so that it doesn’t look broken anymore.
  2. Replace desktop shell and tweak layout.
  3. Plan out blogathon posts and keep trying to get people to pledge sponsorship for it.
  4. Head over to Sydney for the Biomedical Conference on the 6th and 7th of July.
  5. Trim hair over head.
  6. Conduct pre-Blogathon blogathon.
  7. Have a quiet birthday to myself.
  8. Time to donate blood again.
  9. Make suit in a form of a Bat.
  10. Fight crime.
  11. Protect innocent.
  12. Pledge for world peace.
  13. Keep delusions at bay and try not to go out of my mind in an empty house for the next 4 weeks.

I’m sorry that’s all the brainpower I can muster for the moment. Maybe I’ll be inspired with something sometime soon. Being too relaxed has it’s drawbacks. Creating a list of what to do because you got nothing else to write is one of them.

Oh well.

Bully for me.

4 thoughts on “The List

  1. aawwwww…….. now i wish i can come down and see you on ur bday… bet thats better than our lil secret :)….

  2. Ed s. : oh u wait and see!!…. kidding 😛 maybe ull get another suprise.. who knows

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