The Long Awaited “Hi”

Sometimes in life, it has to be an unsaid rule that the things we expect the least are the things that define us the most. Even if you stayed true to it everyday, expecting something to happen, sometimes we just commit to it, never expecting that one day, the things we tried so hard to accomplish will come true.

I don’t if it was the title next to my name, or the message on my status, or the time of the day, or that she was bored to begin with. It’s in times like this, I don’t really care for the reasons at all because there is nothing to care about save for the exact moment that it happened.

For the first time in over a year, the ex, the soulmate, the one that got away, the girl that will always be a part of me, started to talk back.

For better or for worse, no matter how short a conversation, that always brightens up an otherwise depressing weekend.

9 thoughts on “The Long Awaited “Hi”

  1. You post speaks of something I feel….a “hi” can mean something in does brighten up my days ! Incidentally I read something today about relationship, friendship or lover..sometimes it is not easy to define the status ! So why do I insist on finding out…..just let it be and enjoy the moment !

  2. True Love: Sometimes a hi is all it takes to make or break a day. And yes, the only thing you can do is to go with the flow.

    Cléa: Welcome back after a long long time. 🙂 Then she might as well be wary of me. I’m the one that kept on greeting her first. It was only that day in which she finally greeted back with a conversation to follow.

  3. I have never met and talked to my ex since “that day”. We have chatted a few times though, and I am not really sure I want to see him. LOL. Weird, I know, because it has been almost a decade..

  4. It’s not weird. There are lot of reasons why you shouldn’t see your ex. Its just that when you parted without a good reason to part. There shouldn’t be a reason to be being apart, save for our own insecurities.

  5. I like talking to the past, whether its an ex, or a friend, or someone I used to hang out with. it’s an opportunity to watch people, observe life and wonder where time when. It’s an experience that’s worth the pointless internal conflicts (that don’t mean anything at all at the end of it) simply because it’s an opportunity to remind ourselves that we’re all stuck in this dimension called time.
    I spoke with a blast from the past too, and I was not too please to learn that people don’t change at all.

  6. Minishorts: Or maybe, because it’s ourselves that have changed and not the past, it is that difference in ourselves that puts into perspective the fact that now, everything else will never be the same again.

  7. I believe every single things that happen in our life has its own meaning. I will welcome them and face them bravely.. 🙂

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