The Long Beastial Silence

It has been a while since I have said anything, both in real life and on this blog.

It could be because what I want to say has been said too many times. Or it could be because what I want to say shouldn’t be heard by everybody. Or maybe it could be because I don’t have much time to really say what I want to say. Or maybe because I haven’t found the right words to say them.

Whatever the reasons are, the long silence has itself an impact on myself, my psyche. I am less of a person to be able to hold back the passion that drove me to say whatever I meant to say. I am less of a person to hold back a passion that drove me to take incredible risks for those unimaginable and often unattainable rewards.

Such is the price to pay to survive the unimaginable odds. We become less of a person for the sake of it, and return to the animal that would do anything to protect itself and whatever is left.

Such is the nature of the beast and this is my howl in the coldness of the long night.

One thought on “The Long Beastial Silence

  1. Thus, in forsaking what society demands of you, the humanity by which society shapes disappears.

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