The Lost Philosophy

I’m starting to think the situation I’m in right now it detrimental to my mind because I haven’t been able to piece together a single string of philosophizing thought in over a week. Not that the calm mind is bad for me, I do like the fact that I have been getting extremely restful sleep for a while now without my nightmares tearing my mind to bits.

It’s just that without that constant churning of logic and reason that drives me to do the things I do…you can pretty much realise that I haven’t been doing the things I usually do. I don’t mean I haven’t been doing the things I need to do…like work and…well…more work. It just feels that the things I used to do…the things I used to push to do to keep my mind focused doesn’t seem to mean much anymore.

I’m sorry if anything, it seems like I don’t care anymore. I’m sorry if it seems like I’m aloof and enveloped with a deep sense of apathy about your life that I used to watch over before like a hawk. I’m sorry that I seem to be distracted with other things that didn’t use to interest me before.

I know it’s hard that some things change when you didn’t expect it to…then again, when you look at things that way, you’d know that life goes on regardless. It isn’t something good neither is it something bad, it’s just something that happens. At the end of it, everything works out the way it’s supposed to work out…which is by your own hand.

This is my hand, this is the way it is going to work out for me. Where I go from here is wherever I choose to move the pieces of my life with the sights I set out with. With hope and a little luck, maybe something good will come out from all this.

Of course, it also means that at the end of it the rest of your life belongs to you too. Where you go from there is a choice you have to make. Hopefully at the end of that road…we’ll mee there again in the end…and we’ll all be happy for being where we are and for the company we share the end with.

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