The Menj Apology

I think this would also benefit those that happen to be affected by the Malaysian IP Ban.

An Open Letter Of Apology To Malaysian Christians

As much as I would like to say all’s well ends well and that’s the best we can get out of things. After all, he does not apologise for what he has said but he apologises that he put it up in the first place that started all this. Fair enough. That much I’d accept. Though maybe like everyone with a different point of view, he missed the point (or at least my point) that this isn’t about which religion is right or wrong, this is simply about right and wrong because it did offend people with the least bit of ethical responsibility towards society in general that something like that on that level isn’t something to joke about.

It’s a simple black and white matter. Killing or at least the destruction of a culture or a society because you’re motivated by your own self-interests is wrong. It doesn’t matter if it pertains to religion, race or some jock you didn’t like in high school because he kept picking on you. The fact of the matter is that it’s wrong…if not by ethical standards then at least more so on a moral standing.

I appreciate everyone who had a say in this matter whether for or against this because at the end of it, it’s about taking a stand to know…well…where you stand. While I may not really see the point to the methods that some people employ to take their stand, at least they are taking a stand because they see the simplicity of this issue.

As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing more to ask from. I may not see Menj as a stereotypical gun totting terrorist as media often portays fundamentalists. But I do see him as a fundamentalist. Same with every other person whether they might be some left-wing Jew or hardcore Christian evengelists and fundementalists don’t really see the world the way it was meant to be seen. I have a sneaky suspicion that we’re going to be dealing with something like this again in the future. Maybe not from Menj, maybe not even Islam, but we’re steal going to have to draw a line.

Until then…it’s just another day to sit back and appreciate that life does go on.

7 thoughts on “The Menj Apology

  1. Personally, I think the “apology” was in very, very bad taste. He isn’t “sorry” per se, he’s doing it to get the threats of legal action and the fury of the blogging community off his back.

    See how he goes on a rant about “liberal muslims” (actually anyone with a conscience) and paints himself as the victim, the poor man on a crusade targetted by those loathsome “secularist” who are a “rabble” and “not representative of (Islam)”. Is this what you call an APOLOGY? Where you don’t really apologize for anything but turn around and insult those who condemn his (despicable) actions?

  2. Well, in retrospect, it was the best he could have done given his position and the way he sees things. It may be askewed, it may be codescending even. But it’s a start. No one like that changes in a day. 🙂

  3. Well, I think there’s a MENJ in all forms of organized religion.

    It’s sad to see how far some people push the envelope on blind faith, but hey, that’s the human race for you. It wasn’t a particularly honest sounding apology for my taste, but well, if you’d hung around his Critical Thoughts as long as I have, you’ll realize that this is not a guy who has the word “humility” and “diplomacy” in his vocabulary.

    But you’re right, it’s the best that could happen, I suppose.

    It could’ve been worse, you know?

  4. I’d say this: From a legal and PR point of view, it was a disaster.

    And secularism is what keeps some of us around, kthxbai.

  5. Either way since the matter is now seemingly coming to a close, until Jeff or someone adds any comments I consider it closed la.Thanks all , will probably be adding all of you guys in a linkup soon.

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