The Prettiest Lil Angel In The World

The Prettiest Cousin I Know I Have

I thought I’d take it easy for narcissism for a while and instead blog about something else…or rather someone else. No she isn’t my new girlfriend. No she isn’t the date who asked me out either as some of you have been repeatedly interrogating me over the identity off after I changed my msn nick. She happens to be my cousin and she is the subject of this post today.

Now what can I say about my cousin. Hmmm…let’s see…wait wait…I know this. Well for starters, we all call her Sasa. No that’s not her real name, it’s just a nick name that we gave her when she was really really young and it kinda stuck.

She’s really cute though and I’m not just talking about the way she looks. Though…my memories of her as my cousin are clouded by the fact I still see her as the little cousin that always used to follow me around the house wherever I went until I got severly annoyed that I couldn’t take a leak without them trying to come through the door. It’s a long story to which is best left to my own hazy memory.

The point is…that she is cute. She’s single. She loves to sing. She’s pretty responsible and does the things that needs to be done. Despite the fact that she has an outwardly bubbly personality and a smile that could probably light several hundred lightbulbs and still hearts, she has seen her fair share of darkness in her life and for anyone who knows where to look would know her soul carries its share of weight.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop her from being insane when she wants to. She’s loud…loud…though that’s what she keeps telling me and I haven’t seen her in over a year so I don’t really know whether she is really loud now though I do tend to believe cute, kind and honest cousins who always looks to their older uglier cousin who blogs alot whenever she has something on her mind. I’m a sucker that way. Bully for me.

So what was the point of this? I have no idea, I’m not good at making people seem even more stunnng than they already are. What I do know is that this was her idea for me to blog about her and while she doesn’t really blog at all (yes too bad), we can all rest assured that a pretty angel like this does indeed exist in the world and would no doubt make all the crap we deal with on a daily basis seem like a distant memory in her presence.

Though I cannot date my cousin and treat her more like a sister I never had, I know for a fact that anyone lucky enough to date her would find out that she is indeed one special gal. Of course, having said that, the guys she does date would have to contend with my paranoid scrutiny and a complete background check. But hey…what’s family for anyway if it isn’t to be completely nosey into other family member’s love lives?

So…any takers?

13 thoughts on “The Prettiest Lil Angel In The World

  1. Serge: Heheh.. Pat finds out, you’re dead. What type of flowers shall I send to your funeral?

    Kamigoroshi: It was meant to be sarcastic – to imply that my age (closer to 30 than 20) would preclude me from getting, er, interested.

    Plus, I don’t think you should do a background check on me. There are secrets that.. well, if you find out, I’d have no option but to kill you. I’m sure you understand….

  2. dandelions,blue tulips and carnations.

    ^_^ ….. or… you could cremate me and toss my ashes somewhere good.

  3. Serge: Tsk tsk…unfaithful bugger. I shall drag your corpse around as a testiment to stupidity. Then I shall make moves over Pat. I’m sure she’ll be in good hands.

    Sashi: Aha…but then how would you know that I know? Information doesn’t mean I will use it against you…until the right moment. Yes and she’s too young for you.

    Lishun: She is sweet isn’t she? Damn chun a girl if I do say so.

  4. if thy hands makes it moves … thy hands will be diced by me, my faithful agrashi. besides i love my pat (all puns intended) 😛 😛 😛

  5. *Cackles insanely and then chokes*

    Maybe I shall. *Coughhackfurball*

    Gah… Knew I shouldn’t have purred. ^_^

    **Is officially going insane due to work**

    Oh, and I forgot to mention something. Your cousin looks very pretty and sweet. ^_^

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