The Price Of Freedom: What A Blog Is

I have been writing a lot about freedom and blogging. How blogging is all about the the freedom to express who we are and what we think and feel to a world in which we want people to take notice. Sometimes I think I should be getting paid for this. It feels so different to the times a few months ago when I was writing really…depressing…things.

But that’s beside the point.

The point really is that I like to talk about our freedom as bloggers who can write just about any damn thing that crosses our minds. It’s a follow up to something I wrote about awhile back right here in this post. It’s about the responsibilities of a blogger and how far we should push our right to free speech, which obviously brings out the question that has been on the lips of every blogger this season.

How far do we push the freedom to blog?

I’ve been watching the our little corner of the blogosphere for a long while. It’s safe to say that with so many bloggers around, things happen. Interesting things like this or post that highlight thoughts like this and this.

Blogging can be a powerful tool of self awareness for people. No matter how much we say that the the reader is responsible for for reading. Truth is always that the right posts at the right time at the right moment will without a doubt…influence the way we see things. It doesn’t matter if the post is complete horseshit. As long as people read…people will get ideas.

Which is why I’m talking about this right now.

I believe in freedom of speech. I believe that we have a right to say whatever we want. That’s why I blog. A blog isn’t just a Content Managing System, some comments and a chatbox. That’s what a blog needs, but what a blog is…it’s freedom. Then again, I also believe in unbelievable power of human stupidity. The way people turn freedom to condemn and attack what they dislike. To mock others for their childish amusement. To abuse what they can’t do themselves. Like democracy, the system isn’t flawed.

We just make it that way.

So why can’t we make better?

Freedom of speech…the freedom to blog isn’t just about the freedom to say every damn thing that comes to mind…that’s what old age is for. One way or another we have to realise that in creating situations where we lash out at people, we’re also creating situations where people will lash back. needless to say that can give you a very big problem.

Even though we can’t fight the collective power of human stupidity, we can do what it takes to make a difference. There still has got to be a sense of order, civility and responsibility when it comes to us blogging because whether we acknowledge it or not, people are listening to what you have to say and if you’re one of those blogs that say things at the right moment, you’re going to be the center that made a difference. For better or worse, you can be a center.

Being responsible just means its for the better.

So sometimes the best things to blog about are the ones where we keep ourselves together. Where the freedom to blog is also the freedom to make sure we don’t abuse blogging because we can blog. Where the freedom to blog means we have to keep one eye open to make sure we don’t get screwed by the same freedom for other people to blog back.

Where the freedom to blog means the right to be responsible for your freedom as well as the freedom of others.

Don’t take words that are said or written too lightly. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword. It just might have more hold on all or us than you realise. What we have to know is how to use it for the right reasons. That is what every blogger should realise at the end of it all.

The other options wouldn’t look too pleasing anyway.

Don’t you think?

7 thoughts on “The Price Of Freedom: What A Blog Is

  1. Ed,

    I do agree with you on this post. Echoed a few of my laments actually.

    Of course we have to cherish the freedom of blogging and not screw it up and blogging is one of the best things in my life after all the trodden bleak past… Urghh…

    It’s like we are having freedom of speech but through blogs. It’s amazing and marvelous.


  2. I couldnt agree more with you….and yes I try to be extremely mindful and tactful about what I say. I go through my entry 2-3 times before I post it up just to see if my tone and my post was alright, since most of my posts are kinda different in nature as I’m always trying to challenge conventional way of thinking with my own ideas.

    I think there is a fine line between journalism and blogging…blogging is more like a columnist style…you’re posting your own thoughts/reviews on a certain topic, you’re not plainly talking about a topic generally….and I think that’s what makes blogging a whole more interesting, you’re sharing YOUR own ideas and hopting try to influence others to see things from your light and your perspective.

    Anyway these are my thoughts on it…great post 🙂

  3. hey, which kin yan do you know? haha… lots of kin yans in malaysia 😉
    the one i was talking about in my blog i chew kin yan but he’s in america right now… same one?
    if so, i’d like to know you 😉

  4. Kyels and Centerpide: As long as freedom is not abused. It’s always good to have it in the words we say and write.

    Emily: Well I know know one Chew Kin Yan and we’ve been friends ever since primary school. So yeah…that’s the Kin Yan I know.

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