The Real CSI

I know I’m supposed to be studying right now, but you know I just can’t help it to begin with. I am a fan of CSI, there is no doubt about that. I mean…after all, I am a science geek and what show would have it better to have as much science and drama put together than CSI?

Don’t answer that question.

The point really is that as a person who plays God and gets paid, I obviously have to start somewhere and work my way up the ladder. There are many things in the course of my course that I have to take to know how to start messing with life itself. Of course how this relates to anything in the post boils down to one thing I happen to be taking this semester.

That would be DNA Forensic Technology.

So far I can tell you one thing about it in relation to CSI.

CSI is indeed science fiction.

I mean…as much as it is glamourous, you’d have to realise one very important thing about forensics a as career. Lab techs never ever go outside and Scene of Crime officers never go inside the lab. It’s two different worlds that never mix as much as TV puts it together. As a person who alwys watches TV shows and movies, I can say that it’s a great show to boot. As a scientist…well…

It’s pure crock.

Still…doing what I’m doing now. Seeing what I’m seeing now, it really is no wonder why shows like CSI appeals to me. It’s that pure science in solving a mystery. It’s that appeal in looking for an unknown that drives my blood and gets me all giddy with excitement.

This is definitely not your usual high school science labs.

This is life.

Vaginal swabs, semen samples, blood splatter samples, epidermal tissue samples. It’s the whole boiling down to the very things that make us a human being in order to find the worst nature in us that makes it all worthwhile.

I guess that’s what science is for me.

I may say that a job where I play God is my dream job, but at the end of it all, every power has its own responsibility to cover. having all this knowledge to do this means that you have the responsibility to serve those who don’t know and understand what else to do. Having all this power means that its your responsibility to make a difference to those that can’t do it on their own.

In a way, that’s a prerogative of a CSI.

A prerogative of a scientist.

Damned if I become the next Gill Grissom.

That would be something to be proud off indeed.

6 thoughts on “The Real CSI

  1. I remember a TV documentary that pointed out one major difference in CSI compared to their real-word equivalent:

    Lab technicians in CSI don’t wear facemasks while processing DNA and other trace evidence. Apparently the producers decided to forego this so that the viewers can see and hear clearly what the characters are saying…

  2. True…and all evidance must be processed in a sterile environment. You can’t just simply waltz in and our of the lab with your normal everyday clothes because you contaminate the sample.

  3. there was a point somewhere in my life when i thought i’d like being a crime scene investigator. it’s so glam (wah like ah lian liddat) on “csi”. then, the papers ran features on real life csis and i had to do research on biotech and read up on the lives of ppl who process crime scenes…and decided that i do not wanna spend my life processing evidence and samples of whatever. worst of all, once you’re in one department, that’s all you’re gonna do. my bio lecturer has a friend who’s doing nothing all day but processing urine samples. gah gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    i understand why you love what you love, and why csi is such a great show (i’m still grieving the fact i missed the 2nd last episode of season 5 *sob*) but i’m pretty scared that there will be teens who love the show but, unlike what i did, don’t do the reading and research and rush into a job they’ll find suffocating and unfulfilling.

    and yes, gil grissom rocks! no horatio or…what’s the new york guy called? neither of them are as cool as grissom. hehe.

  4. Actually…the prerequisites for Australian CSI’s are that you can be a SOC officer before you become a lab tech and vice versa. They rotate this because that way people can have more experience in the field and refine the methoc of evidance gathering.

    It’s pretty cool that way.

  5. hmmmm….

    *scratches head*

    weren’t we talking abt u becoming Grissom yesterday? I can’t really recall, was half asleep 😛

  6. I am currently pursuing a degree in Forensic and Investigative Sciences. I, like Kamigoroshi find the field very fascinating and rewarding. I too am a csi junkie, however there are many flaws that are quite apparent when comparing them to real life scenarios. the science is actually quite accurate, however there is no way in hell it can be done in an hour. DNA analysis is done within the blink of an eye, whereas it could take up weeks to reach a conclusion. Also, you almost never see a clipboard or pen in any of the investigators’ hand. Anyone who has had any investigative backround knows that copious amounts of notes, sketches, and diagrams are needed, especially when testifying in court. I realize that the show is only so long, but sometimes these inconsistencies can be quite irritating. If we were to put true forensic science on tv, it would get no ratings, for it would be too ‘boring’ the the general public. Grissom does indeed rock, screw Horatio and the other guy from new york!! What the hell is his name anyway?

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