The Right Words

Love is one of those things that countless people have debated upon for centuries. However, if there is something that can be said about it, true love is something that goes beyond the joyful bliss and euphoria that two people feel for one another at the beginning. True love is part of what makes us human. Whether it be our inherent desire or selfless generosity to our whimsical pride or meek humility. Only true love has the power to leave us so vulnerable and at the same time, give us the strength and conviction beyond our own imagination.

However, what is love but ultimately just a word? It is through our actions do we give rise to its meaning. Through the care and devotion to our partner’s welfare and happiness as well as our own. Through the sacrifices and compromises we are willing to make for one another because we want to. Love is a journey, part of a road that is meant to be travelled together and experienced hand in hand, through unimaginable beauty and really thorny shrubs. Alone, such wonders may be overlooked and such terrain rendered impassable. Not with a partner whom you love by your side who shares the same love for you. As individuals we are imperfect and incomplete, but as a couple in love, there are such moments of perfection that are meant to be cherished.

Edrei and Melissa have honoured us by their invitation to bear witness, the commitment they are willing pledge to one another. What they mean to each other is obvious. Their devotion to each other has been made for some time. They have chosen to spend their lives together. Of all the men and women they know, they have chosen each other to journey through life together. Their path, like the many to who, I have in general, referred, has not been easy. Perhaps because of this they value their commitment and their happiness, and indeed this wedding, much more than had it been otherwise. They know they cannot take their relationship for granted, they know that they have found in each other that unique yet mysterious quality whereby they know they are meant for each other, as equals and opposites.

We are here not only to witness their commitment to each other but also to give them our blessings for their life together.

I especially liked the part when Mel said “I do”.

Best. Birthday. Present. Of. All. Time.

8 thoughts on “The Right Words

  1. Thanks guys. I swear, given the proliferation of social networking, blogs are back to the best place to openly share something and still keep it quiet.

  2. Congratulations, I love the thought you’ve put into it 🙂
    Out of curiosity, what does it say in the inner band of the rings?

  3. I wanted to word it close enough to what we feel and think about love. So thanks, a lot of thought did go into it. The words on the bands say “Winter 2011” nothing too sappy there.

  4. its been ages since i popped by but glad to read abt this. 🙂 congrats to the both of u.

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