The Road Silently Taken

Silent Night
It’s rare that I have a single photo as a post, but with moments like this, it’s just too hard to resist. It’s the road I always take on my way back from work. For some reason, it just inspires me to so many thoughts. Looking at it the way I would be looking down the street at those quiet nights, what goes through your mind?

6 thoughts on “The Road Silently Taken

  1. It’s a nice photo..looks calm and peaceful. It’ll be nice to have a stroll there. When I saw that photo, I would just like to enjoy the place, where it heads to doesn’t matter, just like life, it shouldn’t matter. You should treasure what you have around =)

  2. Huei: Nice. That’s one way of looking at it.

    Miss Positive: It’s haunting. That’s why I took it.

    Ivette: Well I had to get off the road a few times to take that picture because some cars were going past. 🙂

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