The Silver Lining

Success isn’t without perseverance and a touch of luck to see you through. As sad as that sounds for people who believe that hard work will see them till the end. That’s still true. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, no matter how faithful your principles are to a worthwhile compass, if opportunities don’t present themselves to you, there is little hard work can do in face of success.

Maybe I’ve always been unlucky when it comes to relationships with people. That much even hard work cannot change. Yet, while unlucky with some, I might be luckier with others. While I can’t go into details until the word is official, maybe some things will change for the better. At least while not to satisfy what I desire in life, but to prove that hard work pays off better than selling your credibility for a fast buck or being prettier than me.

So while people fret over the fact their Google Page Rank has been dropping and how it might affect their “livelihood”. I’m taking the chances that are being offered behind the scenes. While my experience may be limited, it’s a start nevertheless. What lies before me though is the constant commitment towards that silver lining. Something I’m not unfamiliar with, but it still requires a lot more responsibility on my part. Even if it is for a short while, it will at least open some doors.

Maybe then, my options will be a whole lot wider and my ambitions a while lot closer. Wishful thinking. Then again, we can always hope and dream can’t we? Some endings could be happy after all.

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