The Simple Trap…

Snap Shut During my 48 hour Blogathon, I mentioned before about the existance of my house’s unofficial mascots. Of course I did say I would like to try to take a picture of them scurrying around the house. Mind you that this isn’t your HUGE MOTHER of a RAT that exists around Malaysia which can single handedly take on cats and dogs.

No. These are small cute litte buggers that really wouldn’t send anyone screaming because it’s just so adorable. Which is the main reason why I wanted to take pictures of them in the first place. After all…what’s cuteness if you can’t take a picture of it. Then again. They are fast little buggers to begin with. Not only that…they are fast little buggers in a house where there are people that hate it so much. In any case.

As you can see…I got the picture of the mouse anyway.

Though…it isn’t as cute a picture as I would hope it to be.

The Kill BoardThen again, I can’t say people in this house wouldn’t expect such a thing. I mean…although it is cute, there is a certain level of extreme hate when you come home from the holidays to discover your room is full of the tiny black specks which could only be none other than mouse droppings.

Of course…top that off with your expensive food becoming a midnight snack for the mice and you have a houseful of people that would love to hear the sweet sounds of the trap going off in the middle of the night.

Which of course has been no less successful.

The only problem of course is when you have 4 guys in the house with every one of us refusing to throw away the dead mouse because every one of us has the heebie jeebies removing it from the trap. Then again…alls well ends well.

For us that is…not for the mouse.

So in honour of the mice who stood by valiantly around the house. I dedicate this post to you. Poor mouse. You were cute…but you had to go anyway. I for one at least will miss your adorable presence since you were nice to me anyway. At least we have a record for your memory. It’s not much with the scratches but its the most dignified thing we could do anyway.

I salute you mouse, you have fought a good fight.

But you couldn’t win anyway.

Snap snap…

(Post Update: In response to anyone who thought I waited there to take a picture of the mouse taking the cheese. No I did not. The mouse is dead when I took that pic. The trap broke its back instantly. It did not suffer.)

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