The Third Anniversary Of My 21st Birthday

A few days ago, it marked the 3rd anniversary of my life begun anew in Australia. In a way, the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect for today marks the 3rd anniversary of my 21st birthday.

I’m not all for celebration and such. I’ve never really celebrated my birthday en masse. If anything, older memories of my birthday are marred with sadness and disappointment. Last year though it turned out to be something of a turning point in my life. It was a moment where I began to realize that despite the bad, there is always cause for good as long don’t think too much about it. Easier said than done especially for a person like myself, but a task not taken alone in it’s journey ahead.

So I’m 24 now. It’s my final year in university finishing off my second degree. I don’t have much of a social life, but I have a fulfilling life with the people close to me. I work enough to pay the rent, the bills, put food on the table and still afford myself certain personal luxuries. I might not have fully moved on from my past, but I look forward to the future that I have been shaping thus far. Whatever I have now, it’s not with a certain sense of contentment that’s paradoxically tempered with driven ambition. I love where I am and what I have become, doesn’t mean I’ll stay here for long and doesn’t mean I don’t want more.

I am 24. I’m at the prime of my life. I’m at the crossroads between the impulsiveness of youth and the wisdom of age. While this date will only signify another circle around the sun, it’s time I start giving it meaning. It’s time to mark with it the moments in life where I did what I could to move forward. It’s time to remember that birthdays aren’t just moments where people lavish you with gifts for growing older, but for you to celebrate your life for growing up.

So here is to another year. May I never grow old but always grow up. Happy birthday to me. At least, let’s work on keeping the day happy.

This is the first part of a two part birthday bash post. Stay tuned for the next post that will be published later on in the day.

Update: Finished writing the second part of the birthday bash post. You can read it here.

10 thoughts on “The Third Anniversary Of My 21st Birthday

  1. Hahaha..happy birthday man! Forever 21 huh? Such a cute way of calling it. 🙂 Hope there’ll be more happiness for you throughout the year..:) Guess it is time for some ups after all the downs, alright?:)

  2. Well… trust Walski to be a few days late (and many millions ringgit short)… as usual.


  3. YaY! You’re now 20 years old, with 4 years of experience! =) My phone reminded me of your birthday but it wasn’t roaming, so I couldn’t make phone calls or send SMSes while I was in Chiangmai, but I hope you had a great day =)

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