The Timeless Madness

Sometimes I just don’t know where time goes. At least, maybe I am forcing myself to lose all sense of time or maybe I just don’t know where it goes.

It’s never the big things that take up most of your time, but always the small things. Cooking, cleaning, feeding the pets, calculating the bills, studying, watering the plants, buying groceries, the list goes on really. Next thing you know it, the sky’s starting to darken and you wonder where the day went. With all that about, you’d think people stop wondering why I don’t like to sleep.

It just wastes valuable time.

To keep myself company and give myself some break form the solitude, I’ve allowed myself some measure of hallucinations and at least giving myself someone to talk to, even if I know it’s all in my head. It’s not that I don’t appreciate my relatives suddenly becoming concerned somewhat, but like always, there is a time and place when I need company. Calling me in the middle of me doing things does not at all make my life any easier. And since people are never around when I would like them to be, talking to the voices in my head is my only form of socialising thus far.

Sad, pathetic and most of all dangerous. At least I know it’s all in my head, but I’m walking that fine line between sanity and something darker. I told you there was a price to dealing with all this by myself, I can only hope I don’t cross that line in the near future.

Otherwise I’d really be in trouble. That’s usually never a good thing.

3 thoughts on “The Timeless Madness

  1. Sorry that i have not been reading you blog. But you know what, I think the people who made the most scientific contribution to society never had much friends, but their works benefit millions.

    Somethings can’t be measured in a day or two eh.

  2. I talk to myself at times, the other self never replies. And don’t start me when characters start conversing in my head. Maybe you should write them down to purge them.

  3. Yvonne: Now there is a very dangerous misconception and one I’d actually take insult to. Just because a person devotes themselves to something they are passionate about, doesn’t mean that they should be or are with few friends and allies. On the contrary, doing the right thing should earn more than just a handful of people that trust to watch your back.

    ChickyBabe: It’s when you see and hear things being replied back that should be disturbing. Maybe I will start writing them down. I’m not sure if people will accept them in the spirit I’ve lived with them all these years though.

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