The Two Day Old 500 Dollar Brick

Two months, I started playing with Linux so that familiarize myself when I got my hands on the EeePC. Two days ago, I got my hands on the EeePC and used what ever I familiarized myself with to play around with it.

However the learning curve is a little steeper for a person who’s willing to go a little hardcore to push his system. Especially a person without any advance knowledge prior. The result of which for me is this:

Error!! Error!!

I think I’m going to have to cut back the tweaking a bit until I fully understand how to get myself out of holes like this. At least after I restore the system back to its original settings. After all, as much as it sounds cool, I don’t think anyone really wants to own a paperweight worth 500 bucks, no matter what their income is like.

2 thoughts on “The Two Day Old 500 Dollar Brick

  1. Naoko, traditionally if something bad happens to someone, I think a congratulations isn’t exactly the appropriate gesture of support. 🙂

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