The Unplugged Week

When shifting to a new place, it can be easy to lose track of the unnecessary things in your life as you go through all the packing, moving, unpacking and setting up of utilities. More so when you’re doing it over a four day Easter weekend where most shops and services don’t open for that period of time. However, when the entire process of moving can be accomplished within 36 hours, inclusive of sleep, by two people with enough stuff for five, having the rest of the week free of…everything…does tend to be unnerving.

The past week has been nothing short of a roller coaster of hard physical labour as well as extreme boredom and solitude. It’s not without saying that when the only connection to the outside world, the instrument of your social life – the net – has been cut off, you do tend to go a little nuts in between. Though, while writing my life on scraps of paper aside, I did manage to spend a fair bit of my time pushing my obsessive compulsive nature to the limits by continuously squeezing what little space we had to fit in the stuff we brought along. Needless to say if people knew how much stuff we had and where it all went around this cozy little apartment unit, they won’t be making fun of that little quirk of mine.

Still, despite my best efforts to distract my company starved psyche, some things can’t be replaced and it just gets to you. I thought I had it bad before when I would spiral out of control being devoid of human contact, but at least then I still had the internet to keep me company as a substitute for normal human interaction. After what I’ve been through for the past few days, no longer is being physically alone an excuse for my melancholy. That aside, I’m probably never going to take the internet for granted ever again.

It’s sad in so many ways, how my life has become so dependent on the net for everything from my bills to my daily source of information to my social life. Especially my social life. This digital symbiosis has made me wonder how is it I have actually lived all these years without connection to the internet. Then again, when I think about it, I’ve spend more than half my life wired to cyberspace, dating back to the days of badly coded homepages and Internet Relay Chats. If I had a life before then, it is radically eclipsed now by the sheer scope of what the net has done for me, much less, done to me.

Regardless of the outcome, I can only foresee more and more of my daily life entwined in the sweet siren-like embrace of the the digital world. Maybe because the world has long moved along with it, so to must I follow its call, only to keep track of the insane amounts of information I could not otherwise gain access too living my daily life without being connected. I can justify that it is not my fault the world pumps out so much data with so little time for us to process it. If it makes our daily lives easier by being hooked up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then I’m more than willing to give myself to the digital existence. There is however one thing I have to ask if I am to keep this lifestyle up.

Please don’t let me be disconnected from the net for this long, ever again?

I think the next time it happens, it would definitely drive me insane.

5 thoughts on “The Unplugged Week

  1. You don’t have a data plan for your mobile? I thought that might help a bit (surfing on your mobile is small and limited, but it’s better than nothing, no?)

  2. Kristine: Good to be back.

    Naoko: I need money and a decent smart phone to make the best of it and I have neither. That comes with time, money doesn’t grow on trees where I’m at. 🙂

  3. I’d be the same. Bar the odd checking on my mobile phone and a quick dash to an internet café to keep me sane. Welcome back.

  4. That’s still being online. I was cut off completely without any access whatsoever to the digital road. That can drive a person insane.

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