The Valiant Soldier

“You’re stubborn. Even if it takes you a million times, you’d always get up again and again to finish the job. That’s what I love about you.”

I don’t think there is a line at all between persistent, stubborn and just plain crazy. Where I stand at least, if I want something done, I’d go all the way to see it done. More often than not by myself because no one else would have the patience to stand by me if things go wrong.

When I look back at all the things I’ve accomplished in my life, it’s easy to wonder how I’ve made it this far. Against all odds, I’ve done what other people thought otherwise. But in the shadow of its brilliance are the trials and tribulations that defines the person willing to go to such lengths. The simple things that people take for granted often become moments that force me to face my own ignorance and become something more. I did not know most the things I know simply because I heard it from someone who got it from a book. They are the countless hours of trial and error painfully amalgamated into an experienced whole. Experience that was born out of the solitary attempts devoid of a helping hand.

So if my pride and arrogance is tempered only by my stubbornness, it has a good reason. For far too long have my pleas for help been answered in silence. For far too long I have depended only on my own hands for some of my greatest works of art. For far too long have I been the stage in which people walk by, stopping only for a quick glance out of boredom or for their own selfish reasons.

I will keep going. Even if I have to fall a million times, I will soldier on. Not anyone else but my own. Not for the greater good but for purposeful trivialities. My reasons are my own, my actions are my words and my results…my results are the lessons of my pride and joy. They are what defines my world and in the end, probably what makes me better than anyone else out there.

Maybe even you.

4 thoughts on “The Valiant Soldier

  1. I am known to be stubbornly persistent too. But I think being stubborn at times is a good thing, especially as a medical scientist doing lab research.

    2007 Nobel Laureate, Mario Capecchi, is one such example. He had this idea, and NIH told him that his ideas were “not worthy of pursuit”. But he was stubbornly persistent and ended up pioneering gene targeting techniques that we scientist use to generate transgenic mice. 🙂

    Persistence pays off!

  2. It is those that are willing to go to great lengths that make the most difference. Of course though, the problem with people like us is that at the end of it, we need people with incredible patience to put up with our ways. People that are willing to go through hell with us because they care. It makes us more human without sacrificing the ability to reach the top.

  3. I really valued this post. I am soo stubborn. And while most see it in a negative light. I do not. ( perhaps my stubbornness chiming in) But I know what I want and sometime there can be no negotiation. But i think you need to know you are stubborn for it to truly be a strong point. Because knowing what you are, you are able to use it when necessary, but also negotiate when allowable. At least I think this must be when it comes to achieving goals and moving forward.

  4. Knowing who you are and what you can do is a strong point in every case. Not all strengths can be strengths and not all weaknesses can be weaknesses. It’s in knowing what we’re capable of doing that sets them apart from each other. Stubbornness is a two edged sword. That’s why knowing where that blade is at all times is never a bad thing.

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