The Very Comforting Advice

In lieu of the most expensive mistake, responsibilities still have to be accounted for. That being said, repairing the damage does take a toll on your self-confidence, especially if you’re new to something you know is more important than you.

Yet sometimes the best form of comfort comes in the form of the people whose work you’re responsible for. After all that’s said and done, I kid you not, the only reply that came out of it was the only piece of advice I didn’t expect.

“That’s okay. These things happen.”

You got to love it when you have a supervisor that you work with, as opposed to a supervisor that you work for. Sure, with pep talks like that, the problem doesn’t really go away, but for people in my position, it does give some measure of strength to keep going, knowing for every mistake you make, is a lesson that people have learned before. For people in my position at least, that’s one of the most important things to hold on to.

And something to cheer up for.

2 thoughts on “The Very Comforting Advice

  1. Nothing like people giving you support and making you feel better. The face that you feel remorseful is a lesson in itself. We’re all human but those of us who learn and don;t repeat mistakes usually excel.

  2. I’m not sure if remorse is a lesson. It’s certainly a feeling I can do without. Focusing instead on what we shouldn’t do again, as opposed to beating ourselves up over it.

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