The Woman and The Waiter

I don’t usually give my customers any more attention than needed, but she struck me as a person who was completely aware of your very actions. She stood up straight, posturing in dominance yet at the same time giving off the casual feel of relaxation. I joked along with her and her family, answering their questions about the menu as I always have. This was me in my environment, this was me being relaxed. This was me having fun and in this business, that’s always a good thing.

Yet something about her struck me as attractive. It wasn’t just her straight dirty blond hair or her tall toned figure. It was something about her. Something instinctive that I couldn’t really tell.

It wasn’t long before I ended up answering their questions about where I’m from or what I do. Her face, paying close attention to the answers she was asking. If anything, her interest added to her unknown charm. A part of me enjoyed her company, barely remembering that I still had a restaurant to serve. I shook myself off the conversation and excused myself to the duty I still had to do.

As their dinner ended and she left with her parents, I could only allow myself a small regret that good conversations have to end. She was funny, intellectual and curious. These days it’s hard to find people that you can get along well with at the first go, but that’s always the nature of being in this job. You appreciate the moments that you’re in regardless of the time spent in it. Then again, this time things would be different.

Moments later, she came back into the restaurant and asked for me.

“This might seem a little forward but…I loved talking to you just now and I would love talking to you again and since I’m just at the army base…could I have your number so that we can hang out every now and again?”

Now everything made sense. A woman in uniform. Now that’s an offer I cannot refuse.

4 thoughts on “The Woman and The Waiter

  1. Argentinian Girl: Haha, thanks.

    ChickyBabe: A woman in uniform that’s out of uniform. Still appealing either way. 🙂

  2. WHOAH!!!
    Ur post really encouraged me :D… it convinced me that, it doesnt really need to be brat pitt to be good with girls 😀

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