Theming: How It Isn’t Just About The Looks

In all my posts about blogging, I have always mentioned one important thing about the blogs we write. It’s simply the fact that our blogs are a reflection of who we are for a world we want to be noticed in whether we like to admit it or not, more so if we’re writing personal blogs. If you’re still trying to put your mark in the blogosphere, one question a lot of us ask ourselves is this…how do we turn who we are into something people will come back over and over again to read? Well one thing’s for sure.

It’s not going to be noodle posts.

In all my time blogging, one person taught me one thing about making your blog work the way you want it to. It’s just so obvious, I can’t believe I missed it for the first 2 years of my blogging life. Like all all blogs that attract a lot of attention…they all focus on one thing. Commercial blogs may help sell their products, blogging blogs talk nothing but blogs, political blogs focus on (surprise!!) politics. Are you starting to see the point here?

They all have themes.

And you might want it too.

Theming your blog works the same people are known throughout their lives. I mean…in your life, everyone is known for something and people will connect to you that way. People who want those qualities will come to you over and over again for them. Blogs work the same way.

Althought it’s good to be varied every now and again, but it you’re writing differently everyday, the best you’re going to come up with is one hit wonder posts where your readers won’t know whether to return or not because you won’t be writing about the same thing. Since blogs are a reflection of who we are or what we stand for, theming definitely works better because with so many people out there, so many…possibilities for blogging niches, people are bound to be recognized for blogging something.

And that’s where you work your magic.

However, there is a catch. With personal blogs, it’s hard to be immediately known for something unless you have an edge like a sharp wit, some critical thinking, a bit of classy humour and all that jazz. For the most part, a lot of us won’t be noticed until we work on networking ourselves up the blogosphere chain.

That’s why you have to be consistent.

That’s the key to theming really. Consistency. It doesn’t matter if you have one or two post a week that don’t follow your set style of writing. It doesn’t matter whether you get 20-30 hits a day in the beginning. Just as long as you find a style of writing that people like and you concentrate on it, focus on it…then people will come back again and again to read what you wrote about. Because that’s what you will be known for. That will be your identity in the blogosphere.

One in which people will come back and expect to read.

The good thing about all this is that when people come back and read…it will be something that’s purely you. You can take anything that happened in your life and turn it into the style that you’re best known for regardless about what it is because you have been working on it consistently. It becomes a habit…an instinctual sense of blogging.

And it’s all yours to call your own.

So if you think that people aren’t paying attention to your blog enough, try focusing on something. It can be a set style of writing, it can be a set situation you’re in…as long as you focus on one thing at a time…people will come. It may be slow…but people will come regardless.

Which is a good thing entirely.

And always extremely satisfying to know.

13 thoughts on “Theming: How It Isn’t Just About The Looks

  1. not easy though. i’ve told you before, i’m a perfectionist, and going for themed entries will result in irregular posts that cause me much stress to write.

  2. If only everyone knew this…we’d have a lot fewer superfluous blogs out there taking up space. It’s not that I won’t read someone’s personal blog just to see what’s going on in his/her life, but they’ve all become…clones. *Sigh….* I’d love to read about people’s personal issues…if they weren’t all the same.

    Take care.

  3. I’ve seen this advice several times now and always think of my blog – it covers just about any subject you care to name. It’s popular enough, however, and so I have to ask myself: are these guys right or are they wrong? And the answer, I’ve decided, is that you are right but not necessarily in the way you think you are. Yes, a theme is required, but that theme is not always subject matter. I have come to realize that my product is actually – lil ole me. My readers come back because I’m such a freak, they never know what I’ll come out with next. And, presumably, I make the subject matter interesting enough for them to read and comment.

    So I have to conclude: if you know everything about one thing, write about it. If you know a little about everything, write about yourself! 😀

  4. well unless you seriously dunno what to talk about so you can be like me, you focus on… errr… random stuff…

    sometimes it works. 😛

    OK i think it was the bedtime stories… i bet no blogger on earth has a whole series of bedtime stories. THAT MUST BE IT. and the new aunt agony columns

  5. Jax: Yes I do know that you’re a perfectionist. That’s kinda why you got to be consistant. In a way, you’re practicing to be better. You would like that idea.

    Mandi: That’s the sad thing about blogs these days. Then again…think about it this way, with commonality will arise something unique from that crowd. Keep a sharp eye and do what you believe in. Blogs like that tend to find each other.

    Gone: That’s why I said it’s tricky with personal blogs because you’re right…it’s about yourself. But a blog has to be known for attracting a set group of readers, something to fall back on when the chips are down so to speak. Style of writing and not necessarily a subject is a form of theming as well.

    Letti: Let them come for who you are and what you are. There is always people out there for anyone.

    Minishorts: I thought your Bedtime stories was a theme. Plus…I thought the way you write was a way you theme your blog.

  6. it’s not easy to find your theme…it takes months to carve a niche in the blogsphere world IMO.

    And besides my logic is focusing on one particular narrow specific theme…doesn’t that make you a bore?

  7. yeah it’s the way i write… SO DAMN COOL… no one can copy yay!

  8. Centerpide: For a subject…yes…but not when it involves factual topics or topics that require an opinion. If your theme is a certain style or focus of writing, I don’t think that’s an eventual bore. It depends on what works for you.

  9. Or it can be your writing style. I definitely would come back to visit a blog if it had a distinctive writing style that would set it apart from the lot. Just imagine Shakespeare’s (or in my case Voltaire’s) blog, whether or not they stick to a special subject.

  10. I found your “Firefox” detour so distracting, I actually failed to get your message about theming. If you’re going to include this site as a submission to the Problogger “31 days” series, I suggest you forget about your obssesion with Firefox long enough to let IE users — who out number the Firefox folks by many, many millions — the use of their browser of choice, without doing your evangelism for Firefox.

    If I wish to use Firefox, I’m perfectly able to use it. I have it installed and choose to use Avant Browser — an IE addon — instead.

    Don’t choose to be so rude if you choose to use this entry in a Problogger series that people come to for learning purposes.

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