There We Have It

Several months ago, thanks to Lorelle, I was introduced to Kym who wanted to interview me for a new site he was creating. One that would showcase the lives of people around the world and the stories about their journey. That was indeed a while back and now that interview is on the site.

Now I feel like crawling into a hole and live the rest of my life in embarresment.

No really, honestly that’s how I feel. I guess that being so used to being a hermit, I’m not used to being painted in such a positive light. A large part me of me is going, “He mixed up the interview, I can’t believe I said something like that.”, but I did and the power of the internet demands it be permanently etched for all to listen and see.

A small part of me however is going “Hey, I do have cool quotes!”

Even though I’m technically the 3rd person to be on the site, being placed on the same page as a Holocaust survivor and an award winning storyteller is still absolutely humbling. I know my life is nowhere as inspiring or eventful as the people (and I suspect many more to come) who have gone and done something amazing with their lives.

Me, I’m a guy with mental issues who’s still doing the best he can to reach for the skies. If that’s cause for inspiration, I somehow missed the memo. Not that I’m complaining of course, it’s an awesome ego booster. I just would like to have more to show for than just words and ambitions of grandeur.

So there we have it, another side of me that’s frozen in time. The way I look at it, it’s a milestone and a message, what it is I’m saying however is up to people to interpret because you’re you and I’m me and we all have different ways of looking at the world. At the very least, if you read into a portion of my life and thoughts and think good of the world around you, then I would like that.

I couldn’t ask for a more satisfying legacy than that.

One thought on “There We Have It

  1. It is the BEST legacy! I must have listened to the interview 20 times as we worked on it and then after we released it. It’s beautiful. And you have so much to share, as you prove with every blog post you write.

    Thank you for being such a special part of our new site and for being my friend. I’m one of the very lucky ones. Thank you!!

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