Things I Do For What I Love…

Sometimes you have to wonder the how far you have go for the things you love in life. For everything we have ever loved in our lives…how many of us actually went all the way to hold on to things for as long as we can? To just push it as far as we can go because we know it’s worth it in the end?

I know I do it because I’m just that stubborn.

Then again how stubborn do you have to be to personally do this?

Day 1:
One toilet swab sample.
One Nutrient Agar plate.

The nutrient agar thing is basically something we live and breath for in the lab. The toilet swab on the other hand is something slightly unusual for me. It’s not everyday I have to go digging into the toilet to pick up residual shit and urine that clings to it. For someone who is slighty microphobic and gets the heebie jeebies when he’s taking out the trash. Going in hands first into the toilet bowl at 7 in the morning with only a sterile cotton swab and no gloves isn’t my idea of a good time.

Still it was my project anyway.

Who else to do it except for me.

Then of course a few weeks ago there was this experiment that included this.

One faeces sample.
One Nutrient Agar plate containing 20ug/ml Tetracycline.

Seeing the agar again has no real significance here, I do not have to tell you a fecal sample isn’t exactly the sweetest smelling thing in the world to work on in a room that’s about 30 degrees hot. I do not want to imagine how it would be like to be the person to helped collect the sample in the first place.

So really for anyone who plans to go into medical biotechnology, you’re going to be dealing with this a lot. A serious lot. Shit, urine, pus and God knows what other unmentionable human fluids drawn from God knows where. It may be a good life…but it’s not exactly a life from the prim and proper. But it’s part of the job and some things have to be done whether we like it or not.

That’s just the way life is.

I just wish I don’t have to wake up so early for it.

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