This Side Of My World In A Nutshell

“The public quite easily subscribes to stupidity and gossip because few would go so far as to digest the simplicity of what is in front of them.”

It’s to be said because I can say it without people paying attention, that the public I know is far too preoccupied with the most trivial of events and far too angered by the most irrelevant of things. It is a public face that misses the point completely. A side of the world that would argue against the things they do not understand because they want to “save their asses“.

Whether people find my views tasteful or not, it’s hard not to look down on this side of my world with a certain arrogance. Yet regardless of how much I try and distance myself from this kind of environment, I will always be connected to it because in part, it is the legacy of my inheritance. One I would like to completely walk away from, but ultimately am still responsible for playing my part in it as both the bastard outsider and its vigilant guide.

Whether there is something I can do to help, I cannot say for sure. All I can do for now is keep saying what I mean and keep doing what I have always intended to do. If those words and actions make fraction of difference that would echo into something larger and more purposeful, then I would have done some service to my own. Until then at least, the stupidity that I know exists in the minds of the people I read and listen to everyday serves nothing more than the constant headache in the background.

If it only were that easy to ignore it.

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