Thoughts On Religion And Buddhism

Taking into account Minishorts and Suanie’s take on this jaw dropping find. There are days I’m glad I’m not mentally bound to any religion and there are days when…wait…come to think of it, I’m always grateful that I was never raised to BE bound to any religion. If anything, it never ceases to amaze me just how catatonicly stupid some people can become in regards to their own religion.

The religion I’m supposed to follow.

But it really makes no difference for me to have those 5 letters stamped at the bottom right corner of my identity card because right here I’m going to tell you what I really follow.

I am an Agnostic who follows Buddhist philosophy.

That’s right…get it into your thick skull. It is a PHILOSOPHY. Religion is defined as an institution to express belief in a divine power. Right so for anyone who has ever really got their hands into religion should be perplexed when people call our ideals a religion by asking one question.

“What divine power?”

I’m not the BEST person that can pass on Buddhist teachings so I’m not going to write some long article on Buddhism, that can found at Suanie’s post. I’m just going to say this.

True Buddhism doesn’t even stress in the existance of a God. How can it be a religion? All it’s trying to do is to teach you to free your minds from the eternal cycle of everything that holds us here on earth. All it tries to teach us is to rise beyond just being a person and being something more. Not for some belief in a higher power that we are uncertain of, but to rise above and learn to have the mental capabilities TO understand whatever higher force could be at work.

The methods don’t really matter.

What matters is the understanding you gain from whatever technique you feel comfortable with.

There is no heaven or hell in Buddhism. Buddhism doesn’t even bother to explain the afterlife. Reincarnation is just Hindu aspect of Buddhism. True Buddhism states one thing. There is no self to reincarnate in the first place. Whatever Buddhism teaches you and you alone, stresses how you would live your life here. Not for the afterlife, not for doctrinal parent figure, but for yourself, right here and right now in this moment.

Heaven and hell is here on earth.

We’re the ones that create it from our minds.

Another thing is this. Karma…is in EVERY religion. It’s just a word. It’s us that gives that word meaning. Wiccans call it the “Threefold rule”. Christians call it “paying for your sins”. Muslims call it “balasan daripada Allah”. Even scientists like me have a name for it…it’s called causality – the relation between causes and effects. It may have a different name, but it is all the same meaning.

You have got to be one blind bat not to have noticed that similarity between beliefs and ideals.

I don’t know, I washed my hands on religion a long time ago. Not just on Islam, but on every doctrinal religion who has perceptions on God. I made peace with the fact I hold no opnions one way or another on who’s God is the right God. I hold no convictions for whatever rule of law in whatever belief to be true or false at the cost of being discriminated by my own peers. I have even written these posts here and here stating my own logic to why I’m an agnostic.

I appologised to Suanie simply because I don’t want people to judge harshly a person because of what he or she sees on the outside. Religion like all things we have created out of fear in this world is a superficial cloak that allows us to sleep easily at night in the belief that just for that moment, we are in a good place.

Sometimes you can’t blame the more frightened of us, they are who they are and because of that fear…that…lack of understanding. They lash out to things they do not know. As ignorant and closed as that writer is regarding Buddhism, he’s still a person even if his qualities are, by our standards appalling. As a person, he has the right to live his own life the way he knows how to. Whatever karma or causaility he faces…that is by his hand, not by ours.

I can’t blame a person for choosing to remain ignorant.

The least I can do is to make sure good people don’t forget the better things in life.

The things that we all should have faith for.

Not for God or some higher belief.

But for ourselves…and the qualities that make us a better person.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Religion And Buddhism

  1. Cheers. As I said it only takes a bad apple to spoil the whole bucket, hence makes you appreciate the good ones even more.

    I am pretty much tolerant when it comes to religion, but I guess it would be a boring world if everyone were the same as us.

    So we need extremism… to enhance the colours of the globe.

  2. i think … extremism needs to exist to make us be thankful for moderate blessings.

    on the other hand, i think also lah, it’s very hard for people NOT to be extreme when the scriptures of the abrahamic religions keep on saying, ‘you must have no other gods but me…’

    i try to understand that for them to tolerate other religions means going against God (if you look at the bible/q’uran strictly)… but then again, I remember that while in chapter 2 (or was it chapter 3? i forgot) of the old testament the rule puts down that worshippers of God should not partake anything that can bleed, not many christians/moslems are vegetarians.

    then i remember again, that in the course of 2000 years, many, many things can happen, even to a great religion. And mind you, it doesn’t even have to be christianity or islam, or buddhism or taoist.

    just look at the kind of sacrificial paper burning materials they make for the Hungy Ghost Festival. I bet you 100 years ago they wouldn’t have dreamt of making paper Mercedes Benz to be put to flames.

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