To All Internet Explorer Users…

This is one of those extremely rare occassions that I’m actually not at home blogging on Sarah and I’m at the computer lab of my University right now surfing the net. Which may be a bad thing too because I discovered one horrible fact about the place. Not only does this place have a Mac lab (which thankfully is in the darker, less visited regions of the building which says a lot about the which side Macs are on), it also runs on one of the all to familar and detestible Internet Explorer.

Now a lot of you would probably have heard of this many times before and I really don’t hate it that much, after all, I do understand that to Bill Gates, monopoly is just a game and he’s just out to control the whole fucking world. But why oh why do you really have to design a browser that’s not only as secure as a open bank vault in a penal colony.

It completely mutilates the layout of my blog.

As I’m looking at my blog right now, all I see is the many many holes in which Internet Explorer just munches up the code and spits it out as if it was nibbled and messed up by one of the mice in the house. I don’t know why IE makes is so hard for users to use validated code. But no…IE is famous for teaching users how to rip apart HTML and turn it into a mess of unclosed tags and misplaced code that for some reasons still manages to look exactly how the users WANTS it to be.

And that…is the very nature of the problem.

Blogs are fast becoming one of the most virulent offspring of technology today. You got people from all walks of life having their own blogs and while some die off as soon as they start, a large number of people do contunue blogging on their own time. Unfortunately, a large number of people who do blog for some obscure reason tend to put out layouts that just literally…blind you.

I’m not talking about how the colour scheme resembles something Ray Charles would have tossed in, and we’re talking about a blind man who actually HAS a decorating license. I’m talking about the sheer horror as other browsers load up the page and it just looks like the aftermath of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Internet Explorer cripples our ability to learn how to code right.

As a result we can’t live without it in the end.

Yeah Mr. Gates…great plan you have going there. Make us stupid and dependant on something that makes you more stupid and you got the world in you hands. Great plan indeed. I wonder why we didn’t realise it before. I mean…it’s so simple.

Internet Explorer is a addictive digital drug.

You thought you could just try it out and see how it’s like, then you find out you can’t see well wihout it. Then you go back to it again. Just one more time, you tell yourself. Just one more time. Then months later you’ll be speaking fluent “Explorese” codes…but you won’t know…after all…everyone is trying it out too. Everyone see’s it the same way as you do. You tell people who know something is wrong that it’s alright, that nothing is wrong. People try to help you…you tell them to fuck off. You spiral down the digital version of drug overdose and become a junkie addicted to overused javascripts and horribly placed large image files.

Scary thought isn’t it?

Ok fine…maybe it won’t happen that way. Then again, you know I have a point on how bad Internet Explorer can possibly be. So my advice to you is this.

Just say no.

If someone asks you to use IE to load up their site. Do yourself a favour and just say no. Not only will you be doing yourself a favour but you’ll be doing the other person a favour. Internet Explorer should be classified a Class A narcotic and have people executed for distributing it (don’t you see that they already do it the same way they sell illegal dugs anyway).

So just say no

Stick with Firefox…or any other damn browser.

Just say no to Internet Explorer.

(Note: I got sidetracked with my post here anyway. Anyway, to anyone with Internet Explorer, can you see whether my layout loads properly especially in the archives?)

6 thoughts on “To All Internet Explorer Users…

  1. Yeah…I looked at my layout using IE from my own laptop again and it looks fine. I checked back at the computer lab and it has that sidebar pushed down.

    This is why you shouldn’t use IE.

    Say No To IE.

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