To Someone Who I Know Will Read This

The thing about our youth is that for that part of our life, we can afford to do the silliest and craziest things and get away with it. At best we’ll do it again. At worst we’ll regret it and eventually learn from our mistakes. Yet some things in life some of us will never do, out of fear of the unknown or just plain common sense.

While there are some things in my life I would never do, there are things that I have had the pleasure and horror of witnessing. With that, there are some things I never want to see again in my life, especially if its towards friends I care dearly for.

So when a friend tries something that you’ve seen gone wrong before. It’s not hard to be worried. It’s harder to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are smart enough to get out of it. It’s even harder to do that when you care for them a little more than you would a normal friend. It’s hardest to just let them live their life without being the watchdog of a friend that you always were.

Yet, that’s not what friendships are about. Friendships will always be about the trust you have that they can run their own life. Friendships are about being there for the person when they need you the most, not when it’s most convenient for you.

So despite what I feel and what I desire, I’ll do what friends always do. I will listen when you want me to and act when you need me to. Some things might make you uncomfortable to be said. Other things might hurt to be said. Yet at the end of it, I wouldn’t wish on you the road others like me have taken in life. Some things aren’t worth fretting over, but we’re only human. You can’t help being curious as I am being worried.

For what it’s worth, I hope you have no regrets over this.

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