To Someone Who Would Never Read This

It was a while before I realised you blocked me on your MSN. It was a while before I realised that as a friend, we just weren’t anymore. It was a while longer before I realised the irony which we are as two people, we had so much in common yet we were so different as individuals.

I’m not going to spend my time wondering what went wrong or why things happened the way they did. All I’m going to say is that at the end of it, you’re completely wrong about my life.

I know I’m a whiner. I’m an emotional person who for the most part of his life feel the urge to tell anyone that crosses my path the woes in which I feel. It’s not a the best thing in life to be. After all, you tell me that its a bad thing, but that doesn’t stop you from doing the same thing.

You say that you don’t need anyone. That the best parts of your life shines because you walk alone without anyone to rely on. I say the way you talk about the other people in your life especially your best friend, if that isn’t a means of relying on a person to be there for you when you need someone to talk to, I really don’t know how much hypocritical you can be. We all need someone, one way or another. We’re human beings, it can’t get anymore truthful than the fact we’re all meant to be social animals.

You say I have no friends. Yeah. I have said I have no friends. Then again, it’s really subjective on what friends are. All this while, I’ve been pining for friends that I want. People I think are right for me. All this while I’ve been an idiot. All this while you taught me not to be one.

Friends aren’t friends because it’s what you want to be there for. Friends are friends because they do their job. They know how to do the jobs that is most suited for them. Whether they are there to hug you. There to slap you. There to pamper you. There to fuck you even. Everyone who matters to you because they do what they do is a friend. Not because you want them to…but because they want to…not just for you…but for themselves and it relates to you.

For all it’s worth. I have friends. Friends who were there in spite of themselves and in spite of how I acted all these times. Maybe you’re right, it’s time to stop chasing after people who aren’t good people. People who don’t treat you as a friend. Maybe that’s why we ended up like this right now. Right here at the end of it because maybe we aren’t speaking to each other anymore. But at the end of it, you taught me one important lesson.

“Be there for people who are there”

It’s good that I finally took that advice and kept walking. It’s just sad that you couldn’t walk along side me when I did.

4 thoughts on “To Someone Who Would Never Read This

  1. hrm.
    friendship is just a simple thing in life
    but we, humans tend to make it more or less complicated.
    ur offering a simple friendship
    but he or she makes them complicated.

    don’t worry. that person had his or her loss.

  2. Thanks Chemsim, But believe it or not, even I made things a little complicated. I guess that’s why I bothered myself in keeping it when it should have ended a long time ago.

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